Creating a gift in your will for The Salvation Army is the simplest way to create a legacy of everlasting hope.


Legacy gifts provide vital, stable support for our work and whether your estate is large or small, you can make a difference for so many men, women and children in our communities, and provide hope for years to come.


After you have remembered your loved ones, please consider including The Salvation Army in your will.

Leave your mark on tomorrow.

A gift in your will is simply a way to leave, or bequest, some of your assets to The Salvation Army. (Click here to view LEGAL WORDING FOR YOUR WILL.) By choosing to leave a gift, you’ll generate positive change for years to come. You'll help provide the necessities of life and many other social services that assist people to overcome poverty, homelessness, addiction and mental illness.

Other ways to leave a lasting gift to The Salvation Army.

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