Salvation Army helps vulnerable in hot weather

Heat—The Most Harmful Weather for the Vulnerable


Heat is the number one weather-related killer in North America. In Toronto, it is estimated that 120 people die from the heat each year, compared to 105 from the cold. Ratios are similar in other cities. In sweltering temperatures it

Art students partner with Salvation Army Shelter to Give Hope and Comfort

Art Students Partner with Salvation Army Shelter to Provide Comfort and Hope


Art students and teachers from Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton approached The Salvation Army Honeychurch Family Life Resource Centre, a shelter for abused women and children, to provide artwork that would reflect their thoughts on abuse. Students learned about the shelter and its services. The results were a 5 x 5 foot picture and 24 small pictures, each depicting freedom, which will be proudly display within the shelter walls. “The beauty and elegance of the paintings captured the very essence of the work The Salvation Army desires to accomplish