Salvation Army programs other than food banks help communities adopt a healthier lifestyle. Image source, Thinkstock

Salvation Army Aims to Improve Nutrition


Proper nutrition is vital to human life, but some people are unable to meet this need because of financial obstacles—even in developed nations like Canada. According to the 2013 Food Banks Canada HungerCount report, 43 percent of single-person households, 25

Salvation Army serves the homeless, the vulnerable...the unnoticed

Putting a Face to Canada’s Invisible


Bill hadn’t seen his estranged brother Bruce since 2001. He didn’t even know if his brother was alive until he saw a Canadian Press photo feature on the people living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The project aimed to look beyond the gritty appearances of the people who inhabit the notorious neighbourhood. A photo booth was set up for residents to pose for pictures. Some who stopped by hoped friends and relatives would see the photos and know they were still around. Bill recognized a grey-haired man with a beard and