Unique Program Fights Child Hunger

Unique Program Fights Child Hunger


Imagine starting your school day hungry and unable to focus on what your teacher is saying because of your growling stomach and pounding headache. For one in seven Canadian children, this is a reality.  

Recognizing that hunger has a huge impact on a child’s ability to learn and function, The Salvation Army in Red Deer, Alta., approached the Red Deer Public School Board to start a weekend feeding program where a backpack filled with nutritious food would be taken home by hungry […]

young mother with child get assistance from Salvation Army

Hope in a Box


As she sat quietly waiting for her bag of food items at The Salvation Army in Toronto’s community of Agincourt, Nicole had more than feeding her four hungry children on her mind. With a near empty bank account, she couldn’t provide winter wear for her family or afford to keep her dog. And Christmas, which was just around the corner, would be especially difficult.

“When I came to The Salvation Army I was depressed, mentally overwhelmed and just plain exhausted,” says […]

Owners with goats that provide health benefits and income

How a Most Unusual Gift is Changing Lives


It might be the most unusual gift a person could give. But, in developing countries, the gift of a goat has a profound impact on a family’s health and income. It provides milk, which means essential protein for growing children, and the sale of offspring provides an income to pay for housing, health, food and schooling.

Through The Salvation Army’s Gifts of Hope Program, the gifts of animals are creating lasting changes in people’s lives, making their future brighter than the […]

Mental Illness. Awareness. Acceptance. Action

Salvation Army Addresses Mental Illness


Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience mental illness and research states that by 2020, depression will be the leading cause of disability on the planet. Mental health issues are real.  Just ask anyone who suffers with them about the debilitating effects it has on work and personal life.

People with mental illness face poverty, unemployment, homelessness and social isolation. What can be done to help end a disease that costs people so dearly?

“We have to change our ideas […]