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In Canada, The Salvation Army serves 1.8 million people every year. The following are snapshots from media sources of The Salvation Army at work during the week of July 21. Victoria, B.C. For the second year in a row, the spirit of Christmas has come early to the family-run O’Keeffe’s Automotive Service Garage in Oak Bay. Their summer toy drive hopes to boost donations at The Salvation Army where, last year, the organization provided toys to 1,077 children. Read more. Penticton, B.C. The Salvation Army is partnering with local agencies

Child Poverty Rates Remain High

Child Poverty Rates in Canada Remain High


One in seven Canadian children lives in a low-income household. Children are often the innocent victims of poverty. When Tanya’s marriage broke down, she was left with responsibilities she now had to bear on her own. “As a single parent,

Salvation Army Parent Enterprise Program restores confidence and joy in single mom

Pregnant and Abandoned: How One Mom Found Hope and Confidence


When Pei Pei discovered she was pregnant with twins, she was elated. She told her boyfriend, but was heartbroken to hear that he didn’t want the responsibilities of fatherhood. He demanded that she abort the babies. When she refused, he walked away and acted like she didn’t exist. “I dreamed of being with a man who loved me and our children,” says Pei Pei, 25. “Not someone who despised me because I was pregnant.” Five years ago Pei Pei came to Canada from China to pursue her education in the