What Canadian Donors Want


A recent Ipsos Reid survey says a strong interest in giving reflects Canadians’ faith in the work of the charitable sector. The most popular reason why Canadians donate to a charity is the desire to “help those in need.” Donors look for a variety of information when researching a charity to determine whether they will make a donation. The cause/mission Distribution of funds Percentage spent on administrative costs Percentage of funds actually used for the cause Results/past achievements What resources are provided Credibility/trustworthy Target population/who is being helped Reputation Impact

Single Parent Learns Business Skills


Once single parent Pei Pei found out about The Salvation Army’s Bethany Hope Centre in Ottawa she not only began making friends but also joined the Parent Enterprise Program. She now learns business skills while her twin daughters attend the

Single mom completes high-school education through The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Programs Adapt to Changing Needs


Last year, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda served 1.8 million people. As demand for services increased and social and economic situations changed, The Salvation Army introduced new programs and services to better serve and assist families and individuals. For example: In Cranbrook, B.C., The Salvation Army’s new, free dental clinic served patients who couldn’t afford to see a dentist. The Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre opened in Calgary to serve individuals affected by low education/literacy levels, language, culture, social isolation, family violence, inadequate employment and low coping skills.