Salvation Army transforms refugees lives in Uganda camp

Salvation Army Assists Sudanese Refugees in Uganda


Ongoing conflicts and fighting have gripped South Sudan, forcing more than 1.5 million at-risk people to flee from their homes. The International Salvation Army, including the Canada and Bermuda Territory, is responding to the plight of refugees seeking safety in nearby Uganda. It is estimated that more than 550,000 registered refugees have fled the war-torn country since December 2013 with 100,000 arriving in Uganda between March and May 2014. The situation in Uganda changes day by day as new refugees arrive from Sudan without even the most basic of possessions—including

Salvation Army ad campaign focuses on ending poverty in Canada

It’s Time to End Poverty in Canada


It’s time to get serious about ending poverty in Canada. It’s 2014. We’re too developed, too wealthy, and too kind-hearted a country to allow poverty to affect any of us. One in 11 Canadians live in poverty. It’s the root

Salvation Army in the News


In Canada, The Salvation Army serves 1.8 million people every year. The following are snapshots from media sources of The Salvation Army at work during the week of July 21. Victoria, B.C. For the second year in a row, the spirit of Christmas has come early to the family-run O’Keeffe’s Automotive Service Garage in Oak Bay. Their summer toy drive hopes to boost donations at The Salvation Army where, last year, the organization provided toys to 1,077 children. Read more. Penticton, B.C. The Salvation Army is partnering with local agencies