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Going Green

Going Green

Regina, SK – Twice a month, seniors living in close vicinity to The Salvation Army Haven of Hope Community Centre enjoy a delicious noon meal together. On March 18th our “Going Green” celebration of St. Patrick’s Day took place. Many arrived attired in green clothing, beads, hats and neckties. It was a fine Irish celebration with good fun, good food and good friends! Green was not only the color worn; it was also what was on the menu. Lunch began with a wonderful, tasty salad made entirely of pea, lentil … Read more

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In Memory of Jeanie

Saskatoon, SK – It was a Monday like any other until Mr. Peter Rens walked through the door. Peter came to honor his wife of 58 years, Mrs. Jean Rens … Read more

A Blessing to Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB – In March 2013, The Salvation Army Prairie Division introduced a strategic plan for the city of Winnipeg. This strategic plan, titled Seeking the Welfare of our City, … Read more

Cash for Clunkers and Charity

Regina, SK – As part of its Capital Cares volunteer and sponsorship initiative, Capital GMC in Regina raised $5,500 for The Salvation Army through its Cash for Clunkers and Charity … Read more