Prairie Division


Updates: Saskatchewan Fire Evacuation


Updated July 6th, 2015 – Currently there are 118 active wildfires with 51 being over 100ha; 580 total wildfires to date. To date we have utilized 75 individual volunteers totaling approximately 1,250 hours of labor. We have served breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks to approximately 12,750. Donated clothing has been disbursed to over 4800 evacuees. We thank all the wonderful volunteers for their tireless efforts in assisting with the Northern Saskatchewan fire evacuation.


Updated July 5th, 2015 – 1250 evacuees from the […]

Farewell to Majors Darlene and James Anderson

Prairie Division Officer Welcomes and Farewells


WINNIPEG, MB – Within the structure of The Salvation Army, much like the military, Officers receive orders and postings to different locations where they will serve.  Every year, changes to these postings are made in the annual "Officer Move."

This year among those leaving the Prairie Division are Majors Darlene and James Anderson.  Majors Anderson have upheld appointments in the Division for three years.  Arriving in Winnipeg, from appointments in Toronto, they have been an integral part of Divisional Headquarters with […]

Cam Marsland prepares the doughnuts while Mandy Marsland and Spencer Marsland (3) thank military members of the 17 Wing Administration Branch during the Salvation Army's Doughnut Day  at 17 Wing Winnipeg.
Doughnut Day is a tradition for the Salvation Army that began during the First World War when two female Ensigns began cooking doughnuts for the men on the front lines to bring them a little piece of home.  On 12 June 2015, the Winnipeg branch brought the tradition to 17 Wing.

Photo: Sgt Bill McLeod, 17 Wing Photojournalist

Military, first responders thanked


WINNIPEG, MB – On Friday, June 12, staff and volunteers from The Salvation Army in Winnipeg continued a nearly century old tradition of serving doughnuts to those who keep us safe and free from harm.

In 1917, during World War I, Ensigns Helen Purviance and Margaret Sheldon were among the 250 Salvation Army volunteers providing assistance in France.  The duo were on the front lines working with the American First Division when they had the idea to use their limited resources […]

TSA Volunteers and WPS

“Restore Our Core” success for inner city neighbourhood


WINNIPEG, MB – When Winnipeg Police Service Chief Devon Clunis speaks, people listen.

And when he put out a call to action to the citizens of Winnipeg, asking them to come together and clean up the core area, the response was monumental.  

"This spring, the Winnipeg Police Service is inviting the entire community to come out and help us Restore Our Core."

And come out they did!  A tide of volunteers pitched in for the two-day cleanup – concerned citizens from various […]