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Canadian Newcomers Find Welcome


Statistics Canada reported that more than a million people immigrated to Canada between 2006-2011, making the total foreign-born population nearly 6.8 million and accounting for over 20 percent of the country’s total population.

Upon arrival, these newcomers face obstacles that prevent societal integration, including language, culture and legal barriers, and so The Salvation Army steps in.

Atlantic Refugee and Immigrant Services (ARIS)

The Salvation Army’s Atlantic Refugee and Immigration Services (ARIS) in Spryfield, N.S., offers new immigrants assistance with Permanent Resident Card renewals, [...]


South Africa Domestic Violence Campaign Captures The Web


Photo credit: Ireland Davenport, South Africa

A dramatic domestic violence campaign featuring #TheDress led by The Salvation Army in South Africa has been capturing people across the globe today.

The image, which depicts a female victim of domestic violence wearing the dress that was the talk of social media earlier this week, highlights the often-overlooked severity of abuse.

A spokesperson for The Salvation Army says: “The Salvation Army sees the devastating effects of domestic violence on women, men and children [...]

No Longer an Outcast – Tammy find a future at the Army


When Tammy Etto moved from Calgary to Toronto, she arrived with nothing more than a suitcase and her daughter. Without a job or friends, getting settled was tough. Across the street from her apartment is a food bank run by The Salvation Army’s Lakeshore Community Church. It not only helped Tammy get through those initial cash-strapped days, it also changed her life. That’s because using the food bank soon became an opportunity for Tammy to start volunteering there.

Soon [...]