The Salvation Army Logo and Standards

Logo Request – Canada and Bermuda only

To obtain The Salvation Army “Giving Hope Today” logo, fill out the request form below. Please provide full name of company/organization (no abbreviations). After submission, you should receive an automated reply. If not, double-check your email address and try again. If you have not received the logos within a week, please contact Craig Norris (see bottom of page).

PLEASE NOTE: the “Giving Hope Today” tagline is branded for use within the Canada and Bermuda Territory ONLY. Requests from outside the territory cannot be fulfilled.

If you are in the U.S. and found this page via a web search, you will want a U.S. branded “Doing the Most Good” logo. Please go to the USA National Headquarters site: and click on About Us | Press Kit | P.R. Contacts

For all other countries, please contact your local Salvation Army headquarters.


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Logo Identity Standards

The official red used internationally by The Salvation Army is Pantone 185.

CMYK values: C-0, M-95, Y-80, K-0
RGB values: (print) R-240, G-0, B-0 | (video/web) R-204, G-0, B-0

There are two arrangements of our logo, horizontal and vertical, with two “Giving Hope Today” tagline sizes for each. Simply use the version which works best. For b&w printing, please use Black – DO NOT convert the red to gray. Do not alter the shape of the shield or text. Logo must always appear upright and unobstructed by other graphic elements. For darker backgrounds please use an “rev” (reversed tagline) version. DO NOT manually reverse the tagline.

If you intend on using the shield as part of a creative element — whether it be faded, blended, part of a background, etc, then a regular version of the shield should also be included for clarity.

Printing on Alternate Materials
As the “exception to the rule”, when printing on irregular material where the colour range may be limited (such as t-shirts, banners, lapel pins, etc) you may use a red that is as-close-as-possible.

Salvation Army logos are protected by copyright and may not be redistributed by those outside of the organization without consent of a Salvation Army officer or an authorized employee.

If you encounter any problems with any graphic file supplied from Territorial Headquarters, please contact:

Mr. Craig Norris
Graphic Designer

The Salvation Army Public Relations and Development Dept.
Territorial Headquarters for Canada and Bermuda