Salvation Army Honours Volunteers

Posted on 11th April 2011, by Salvation Army
National Volunteer Week, April 10-16, pays tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers who donate their time and energy. The Salvation Army’s service delivery is enhanced by the work of volunteers. In 2010, approximately 147,000 volunteers gave more than 1.45 million man hours to the work of The Salvation Army. People like René have turned  […]
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Addiction’s Powerful Hold

Posted on 6th April 2011, by Salvation Army
Jay Barnard’s story of addiction goes back to age eight. Unable to cope with the effects of his parents’ separation and divorce, he turned to food for comfort. Within months he had bulged to a disturbing 200 pounds. By age 12 Jay was drinking, then drinking more. At age 14 he bought marijuana on the  […]
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The Salvation Army and Restorative Justice

Posted on 31st March 2011, by Salvation Army
“I will never forget my first brush with injustice” says Matt Delaney. “I was so hurt. I wanted pay back. I wanted to retaliate, to return the favour that I didn’t ask for. I did fight back. Strange though, after I unleashed my vengeance, all I felt was empty and alone. What was wrong with  […]
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The Agony of a Mother

Posted on 21st March 2011, by Salvation Army
A Stormy Childhood From an early age Debbie learned not to trust adults. She was a victim of abuse and her home was plagued by alcoholism, rage and secrecy. “When my dad drank he became angry without a reason,” says Debbie. “There was screaming and threats of violence. I was always afraid.” While home lacked  […]
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Six students from Toronto’s Ryerson University School of Radio and Television Arts experimented with new technology for their senior year’s final project. Inspired by The Salvation Army, the result was Canada’s first 3D public service announcement. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NhnsU-TLHU PSAs are aimed at raising awareness about specific issues. With more than 2,400 man hours, $1,500 of their  […]
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Accident Victim Reclaims Dignity Through The Salvation Army

Posted on 24th February 2011, by Salvation Army
“When my head hit the pavement, life as I knew it ended,” says Leslie McGrath. Run down at a crosswalk by an intoxicated taxi driver, this highly educated, successful business woman was now mentally impaired. Feeling worthless, and with little hope for the future, she turned to The Salvation Army for help. “A police report  […]
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