Annual Review 2012-2013

Hope Stories

Mon-75Trapped in Addiction
Keith thought he could outrun drug addiction, but that wasn’t the case. He’s since found out that it’s never too late to discover a new side of yourself. Read more.

Grief-75Real Help for Deep Hurt
Sandra’s husband was the love of her life. Then, after 50 years of marriage, she lost him to cancer. How could life go on without him? Find out how Sandra is trying to mend her broken heart. Read more.

Alex-75A Promising Tomorrow
Alex had a turbulent childhood. He made bad choices, was lonely and life was hard. But it didn’t have to be that way. Nestled in his own community, he discovered a bright new world. Read more.

CV-75Love and Acceptance for All
Marietta struggled to find people who cared as deeply about her daughter as she did. Mary Jane has Down Syndrome, and with the help of The Salvation Army is reaching her full potential. Read more.

ben-75Determined to Rebuild
After Ben’s father was killed in a car crash in Moscow, his family migrated to Canada. There were many adjustments, but with the right supports in place Ben was empowered to succeed. Read more.

Tanya-75Bringing Chaos Under Control
The birth of Tanya’s twins was a traumatic event. Then, soon after, her marriage broke down leaving her to find ways of coping with responsibilities she now had to bear on her own. Read more.

Al-HarveyA Place for Healing
For years, Al lived on the streets. There are many things he’d long given up hope for. Now, he is a contributing member of society and likes the person he sees when he looks in the mirror. Read more.

Calgary-75After the Flood
The Alberta flood was described as the worst in its history. But that didn’t steal Kathleen’s fighting spirit. With practical help and emotional support she is getting back on her feet. Read more.

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