Disaster Assistance Centre Making Impact

Posted on 19th August 2013, by Alberta
“It’s amazing to see how much of an impact we are having here in High River,” says Garry Pearce, Re-Entry Coordinator with The Salvation Army. “One day a woman came to the Disaster Assistance Centre and noticed we were serving lunch. She told me she had been back in her house for two weeks with  […]

Continued Flood Relief Efforts in Alberta

Posted on 6th August 2013, by Alberta
Flood Relief Update – July 29, 2013: It is now more than a month since The Salvation Army received the first call to assist those who were being evacuated in High River due to the rising flood waters. Since that first call to feed 100 evacuees on June 20, when two Emergency Disaster Services workers and  […]
Donut Day
1,000 donuts, 1,000 smiles, and a day of sunshine… that’s what we call a successful Donut Day! Situated in historic Fort Edmonton Park, The Salvation Army set up on the train platform and greeted visitors of the park with smiles and free donuts to celebrate 120 years in Edmonton. Serving donuts also commemorates a Salvation Army tradition dating back to  […]
Tillsley HIgh River
On Thursday, July 4th, Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley arrived in Calgary, Alberta to tour some of the areas that were hit by the flood waters. The city of Calgary evacuated over 100,000 people due to flooding and suffered significant damage to the downtown core, there was growing concern that the 101st Calgary Stampede would not happen. However, countless  […]
Salvation Army
Alberta Flood Relief Update – July 15, 2013 To date, throughout the areas affected by flooding in southern Alberta, The Salvation Army has provided food and hydration to over 41,000 people. We have also provided emotional and spiritual care (ESC) and crisis intervention stress management support to more than 1500. Words cannot adequately express our gratitude  […]
Alberta Floods
Flood Relief Updates – July 8, 2013: To date, throughout the areas affected by flooding in southern Alberta, The Salvation Army has served 11,500 meals and provided emotional and spiritual care (ESC) to more than 870 evacuees, residents, and responders. Calgary – The Calgary Flood Emergency has officially ended and residents who are still displaced  […]

Alberta Flood Relief Effort Updates

Posted on 27th June 2013, by Alberta
Thrift Store
As of June 26, 2013: Medicine Hat – We have been providing assistance to evacuees such as clothing, accommodations and emotional & spiritual care. We have been able to move our residents back into our shelter. We are awaiting confirmation on providing food, hydration and emotional & spiritual care at a number of additional sites as well.  […]