Alberta EDS Director Honoured by Town of Slave Lake

Medal of Honour
by Alberta

Major Roy Langer, Divisional Director of Emergency & Disaster Services for Alberta & Northern Territories, was presented with a Medal of Honour from the town of Slave Lake by Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinnee on Decemebr 18, 2012, after being nominated by the R.C.M.P. for his efforts and services after the devestating wildfire that swept through the town on May 15, 2011,

“Major Roy Langer attended the Slave Lake Wildfires in support of the Slave Lake Fire Dept., RCMP, the Mayor and Council of Slave Lake, the Municipal District and other First Responders where he conducted CISM Debriefings (Critical Incident Stress Debriefings) with the various groups as well as many one-on-one Interventions. Major Langer continued to help others long after the citizens of Slave Lake returned home. In addition Major Langer coordinated The Salvation Army Divisional Emergency and Disaster Services who were immediately present after the Sunday of the Fires. The Salvation Army gave great support and comfort to the First Responders and the people of Slave Lake. Their presence was invaluable. Major Langer provided the presence and resources that enabled people to survive and thrive.”
-R.A. Bob Harper, RCMP “K” Division

We are all very proud of Major Langer, and congratulate him on this prestigous award.