Alberta & Northern Territories Division

Disaster Alley event in Calgary, 2015

Disaster Alley Day Draws Thousands Of Calgarians


On May 9, 2015 thousands of families arrived at McMahon Stadium in Calgary to meet first responders and disaster heroes. The Salvation Army was one of many booths set up with the intention of educating the public on how to respond to various emergencies.

Young and old stopped by to dance with Sally Ann, take a peek inside the Community Response Unit and take away a Piggy Bank with the caption “Help Change a Life”. The Community Response Unit (CRU) is [...]

Soup for the Soul day in Edmonton

Soup For The Soul Day Brings Awareness To Food Insecurity


Every May, The Salvation Army in Edmonton holds Soup For The Soul day, an annual hunger awareness event that takes place in Churchill Square during the busy lunch hour. On Friday, May 8th, over 150 people joined us for a hot bowl of soup – free for everyone!

In Edmonton, The Salvation Army offers numerous programs to help eradicate food insecurity, such as emergency food hampers, hot breakfasts on Fridays at Community & Family Services, soup lunches on Wednesdays at the [...]

Home Depot's OWN team donated renos to Edmonton's Family Services

Home Depot Team Donates Renos to Family Services


On April 29th, an enthusiastic team of women in orange T-shirts appeared at The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services (CFS) in Edmonton and, on that one day, demonstrated the true spirit of community involvement and corporate partnership.

Our story starts a few weeks ago when Major Carolyn Hale, Executive Director of CFS, was contacted by Home Depot. In a conversation that was almost too good to be true, they asked if there were any renovations needed that they might be [...]

Terry and Melissa from the Food Services team at Edmonton's ARC.

Meeting Basic Needs With Food Programs


Offering food programs has been part of The Salvation Army’s services since it was founded in London, England in 1865 by William Booth, who established the Army with his belief in Soup, Soap, and Salvation. He believed that by meeting people’s basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, only then would people be able to accept salvation. This belief carried on throughout The Salvation Army’s history, from the lassies serving doughnuts on the front lines in WWI, to the mobile [...]