Salvation Army Safe House Opens in B.C.

by British Columbia
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homestead2Deborah’s Gate is a 10-bed facility that is located in a secretive location in Vancouver for the security of those being rescued from human sexual trafficking. On December 1 it was ready for its first guests.

The facility is divided into “pods” where three or four young woman can create a new community of support.  The women will receive immediate medical care, help with addictions, legal issues, refugees services as well as 24/7 care and attention from a team of qualified and sensitized staff.

The name Deborah’s Gate is intentional and meant as an inspirational focus that will become a name synonymous with care, love and dignity.  The story of Deborah is recorded in the Old Testament where she served as a judge for all the nations.  She stood for courage in a time of fear, godly wisdom in a time of human reasoning and for decency and order in a chaotic time in history. The “gate” represents an entranceway to a place of sanctuary or refuge, like a garden gate.  It is also a marker or transition point from a hostile world to a place of community and fellowship.

Deborah’s Gate has been made possible due to the generous support of the local community and in particular the Estate of Miriam Burnett, past chair of The Weston Foundation.

The RCMP estimates 800 victims are trafficked into Canada each year, while nongovernmental organizations put that number as high as 16,000. Deborah’s Gate will give victims a chance at a safe, new life.

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