Single Parent Learns Business Skills

Posted on 16th September 2014, by
Once single parent Pei Pei found out about The Salvation Army’s Bethany Hope Centre in Ottawa she not only began making friends but also joined the Parent Enterprise Program. She now learns business skills while her twin daughters attend the daycare also provided at the centre.

Adult Day Program Improves Lives of Medically Fragile Persons

Posted on 15th September 2014, by
Adult Day program helps seniors enjoy the best possible quality of life
Following a heart attack that caused significant damage, 92-year-old Evelyn had to adjust to a life that was very different than before. While she still lived independently, she wasn’t allowed to drive. Now isolated from getting out into the community, something had to change. “All I did was watch TV, sleep and stare into space,”  […]

Single Parent Gets Back To Learning

Posted on 2nd September 2014, by
Jenessa, a single parent, is able to get back to learning at The Salvation Army’s Ottawa Bethany Hope Centre. She leaves her daughter with daycare provided downstairs at the centre while she does her independent learning courses upstairs.
How One Man Found a Path out of Homelessness
When the recession hit Canada in the late 1990s, Ross, a multi-media producer lost his job. Unable to find steady employment, he lived off his severance package. But his worries were far from over and Ross endured hardship unimaginable to most. “My severance ran out before I filed for unemployment,” says Ross. “When I couldn’t  […]
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