My Journey from Sadness to Success

Posted on 27th July 2015, by
Salvation Army supports change a life
In every way that counted, The Salvation Army was there for me when I needed them most. Six years ago, the company that I had been with for 18 years sold the facility. My co-workers and I were downsized in the subsequent restructuring, and 130 of us were left looking for employment. I had never  […]

Salvation Army Helps Vulnerable Stay Cool During Hot Weather

Posted on 23rd July 2015, by
Salvation Army CRU Helps Vulnerable stay cool during hot weather
Getting out of the heat for 30 minutes and staying hydrated can prevent leg cramps, heat exhaustion and even stroke. For many, avoiding the heat is as simple as staying inside with air conditioning. For those experiencing homelessness or low-income individuals who are elderly or unwell, that option may only be a dream.  During extreme  […]

A Father Overcomes Challenges and Celebrates Success

Posted on 15th June 2015, by
A father overcomes challenges and celebrates success
There's no better time than Father's Day to honour dads who always look out for their children. Noe’s warehouse job had been reduced to a part-time, on-call position, when his wife, ZoZo, prematurely gave birth to triplets. The babies had complications, and it was uncertain whether one would survive.    Overwhelmed by fear and anxious  […]

News Briefs

Posted on 4th June 2015, by
Salvation Army mobile feeding unit at B.C.s Cache Creek flooding
The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people in 400 communities across Canada. The following are recent snapshots of The Salvation Army at work. Salvation Army Assists after Cache Creek Flooding Cache Creek, B.C., was hit by flash floods on May 23, resulting in unbelievable devastation. The violent storm dumped 30 to 40  […]

Community Kitchen Offers More Than Fruit and Vegetables

Posted on 1st June 2015, by
Every Monday at The Salvation Army’s Community Kitchen in Parry Sound, Ont., individuals, families and youth with low income, are building confidence and skills that enable them to stretch their tight budgets, avoid hunger and make healthy choices. “I love this group,” says class attendee, Kelly. “It’s lots of fun.” "I don't have access to  […]

New Programs Help Vulnerable People Re-enter the Workforce

Posted on 27th May 2015, by
New programs help vulnerable people re-enter workforce
Looking for employment can be discouraging, but job-searching with limited skill-sets is even more frustrating. The Salvation Army in Courtenay, B.C., has introduced several new programs that give vulnerable people the confidence and expertise needed to re-enter the workforce. Several months ago The Salvation Army’s community and family services recognized a need to offer practical  […]

Free Furniture Helps People Who Were Homeless Turn Housing into Homes

Posted on 21st May 2015, by
Free furniture helps people who were homeless
For people experiencing homelessness, moving into a place with four walls and a roof over their heads is life-changing. But shelter alone doesn’t make a home, and The Salvation Army in Lethbridge, Alta., is providing them with furniture and all the essentials needed for setting up a new place of residence. In partnership with the  […]

Beating New-Mom Stress

Posted on 8th May 2015, by
Beating new mom stress
Every new parent has some level of fear or anxiety about becoming a mom or dad. But Andrea, who suffered from long-term anxiety, panicked about every little thing. When worrying too much got in the way of making great memories she took action, found support and was able to move on. “I was uptight about  […]

The Multiple Benefits of Community Gardens

Posted on 27th April 2015, by
In Fort Erie, Ont., newcomers and low-income families are finding hope and a better quality of life at an unexpected place—a Salvation Army community garden. “When vulnerable people attend to their garden they find food security, friendship, purpose, belonging and more,” says Anne Watters, community and family services worker at The Salvation Army. Community gardens  […]

Feeding Program Serves up Hope and Dignity

Posted on 9th April 2015, by
1 in 10 Canadians live in poverty
For over a decade, The Salvation Army in downtown Halifax has provided free meals on Monday evenings to people with low incomes or who are experiencing homelessness. “Social assistance isn’t enough for me to live and feed myself,” says Neil, 64, who has been coming to the program for two years. “The Salvation Army helps  […]