Salvation Army Helps Newcomer Family Bring Their Daughter Home

Catherine Sow, Cecilia Marie, Paul Sow

Catherine Sow and her husband Paul received news that they could immigrate to Canada in 2013. This was bitter-sweet because the Sows had started the process of adopting a little girl and could not bring her with them until the application was approved.

The couple moved to Canada, settled in Montréal and Catherine went back and forth to Senegal, Africa, as the adoption process slowly wound its way through the system. Upon finally receiving the adoption papers, Catherine started the immigration process. In the fall of 2015, she received the terrible news that Immigration Canada had refused the application.

“I started to feel desperate,” says Catherine. “This is when God put Louise in my path.” Louise works for The Salvation Army Immigration and Refugee Services in Montréal and spends much of her time helping newcomers navigate the often complex process of creating a new life in Canada.

For 16 months, Louise and Catherine worked together and, last summer, their efforts were rewarded when Cecilia Marie, the daughter of the Sows, arrived in Canada.