A Social Tragedy

Posted on 18th February 2013, by
Tonight thousands of homeless Canadians will sleep on street grates or in doorways. It’s a social tragedy. In the killer cold their coats act as blankets, protective barriers, and shelter. They are humiliated by empty stares and the condition of their lives. Then they are awakened from a dead sleep to find someone looking at  […]

5 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted on 11th February 2013, by
Valentine’s Day can be much more than flowers and chocolate. There are plenty of ways to give from the heart. Here are a few: 1. Volunteer: There’s no shortage of ways you can help. Volunteer at a Salvation Army food bank or soup kitchen. 2. Reach Out to Someone in Need: Deliver homemade Valentine’s cards  […]
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The Courage to Change

Posted on 11th February 2013, by
“My dad beat my mom until she was a rag doll,” says 49-year-old Billy. “At times I thought he would kill her. That’s only one of my childhood memories.” Billy’s dad was drunk all the time. And his heavy drinking resulted in physical altercations. Every night Billy cranked up the volume on his radio to  […]

Rex Murphy Highlights the Strengths of The Salvation Army

Posted on 8th February 2013, by
As one of Canada’s premier broadcasters and columnists, Rex Murphy’s admiration of The Salvation Army runs deep. A social commentator and editorial journalist, Murphy has been one of Canada’s most influential and respected opinion leaders for decades. Born in Carbonear, N.L., Murphy graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1968 and then went to the  […]

New Salvation Army Thrift Store Opens in Pickering

Posted on 6th February 2013, by
February 4, 2013 – Pickering, ON: Finding a good bargain and helping a good cause will be a lot easier for residents of Pickering now that a brand new Salvation Army Thrift Store has opened its doors. The new Thrift Store is conveniently located directly across the street from the Pickering Town Centre on 1360  […]
Siemens Canada and its employees recently joined efforts in support of families in need as part of their annual Hope for Holidays campaign. Employees collected funds and items for local charities and donations were matched by the company, resulting in an outstanding $35,000 donation to The Salvation Army. Employees from more than 20 Siemens offices  […]

The War on Waste

Posted on 4th February 2013, by
We live in a throw-away society. In Canada, Gooch et al. (2010) estimated that $27 billion of food is wasted each year, and 50% of that waste originates from households. None of us likes to waste food, but if we’re honest, we do. The issue of food waste has captured the attention of businesses, governments,  […]
Ozark, Ala. (January 31, 2013) – Volunteers and staff from The Salvation Army in Dale and Houston Counties continue their response in support of First Responders and families working to bring a peaceful resolution to the continuing hostage standoff in Midland City, Alabama, U.S.A. Stationed at the Incident Command post adjacent to the FBI Mobile  […]

Victims of Crash Thank Salvation Army Volunteers

Posted on 29th January 2013, by
DURHAM — Lakeridge Health hospital officials confirm that only one victim from Friday’s massive pileup on Hwy. 401 in Clarington remains in their care. A total of 10 victims were treated at hospital as a result of the horrific crash. Victims of the crash thanked Salvation Army volunteers for the hot drinks and food they  […]

No One Chooses to Eat Garbage

Posted on 28th January 2013, by
Imagine being so hungry that you are willing to eat someone else’s garbage? Yes, it’s dangerous, and most of us would cringe at the thought, but there are people in cities everywhere who are forced to eat food from trashcans because they are starving and desperate. In December 2012 The Salvation Army and Grey Canada,  […]