Salvation Army General Pays Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Posted on 6th December 2013, by
General André Cox has paid tribute to Nelson Mandela in a letter to the family of the former South African President. He explained that his years spent in Africa had given him ‘a sense of the measure of Madiba’s life and influence’. ‘So many have already spoken eloquently or written lucidly,’ wrote the General. ‘I  […]

How Your Support Can Help The Salvation Army Give Someone A Better Christmas

Posted on 2nd December 2013, by
Tammy Smallwood, mother of twins, is grateful to The Salvation Army for their support at Christmas time.
When Tammy’s children saw the presents under the tree last Christmas, they were filled with excitement. “Their eyes brightened with life,” says Tammy. For some, a joyous Christmas is simply a dream, but with the help of generous donors and volunteers, the dream can become reality for people in need this Christmas. Tammy was a  […]
MISSISSAUGA • November 26, 2013. As part of its commitment to assisting families in need by providing access to food and education, Target Canada today announced a $160,000 donation to support The Salvation Army’s meal and snack program for school-aged children in 22 communities across Canada.  With an emphasis on healthy, nutritious foods including fresh fruit and  […]

The Sally Ann Kettle

Posted on 25th November 2013, by
Here I am, a nice Jewish girl, standing behind The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle in the local mall.  It’s Friday afternon and my art group has volunteered to take turns manning the kettle. The kettle is strategically positioned near the mall entrance, next to the donut shop. Repeated wafts of sweet apple turnovers and hot  […]

Salvation Army Launches 2013 Christmas Campaign to Transform Lives in Need

Posted on 19th November 2013, by
123rd Annual Christmas Kettle Campaign Kicks-Off with $21 Million Fundraising Goal TORONTO, Nov. 19, 2013 /CNW/ – The Salvation Army launched its national Christmas campaign this week, marking the 123rd year that the organization has sought donations from the public to help millions of Canadians living in poverty. The Salvation Army’s annual Christmas campaign is one of  […]

How The Salvation Army Santa Shuffle Changes Lives

Posted on 18th November 2013, by
On Saturday, December 7th, more than 10,000 Canadians in 39 cities from coast to coast will run or walk in the annual Salvation Army Santa Shuffle. Why? It’s an easy and fun way to raise funds that can change people’s lives. “The Santa Shuffle is an experience that makes you feel content and proud because  […]
According to the National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre ranks as one of four hospitals in the 90th percentile for providing high quality care to patients and their families. Based on data received from physicians and/or employees, the NRCC provided top performer, low performer and percentile ratings for the  […]

Salvation Army Philippines Assists Relief Efforts:Updates

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Update November 15: With the mass transport of relief supplies to the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban still proving very difficult, The Salvation Army in The Philippines is working on alternative methods to get help to the thousands of people who are in desperate need. Teams of Salvation Army volunteers are providing life-saving items such as  […]
Salvation Army teams in The Philippines are preparing to provide assistance to the thousands of people affected by Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda). More than 2,000 people are thought to have lost their lives in the disaster, with hundreds of thousands left without homes, power or clean water. The worst-hit areas are impossible  […]

Tea in the Trenches

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To a young Canadian soldier caught up in the carnage of the First World War, The Salvation Army was a welcome sight. William “Bill” Clarke freely admits he is a bit of a packrat. “I come from a long line of hoarders,” he laughs. After years of procrastinating, his wife sent him down to the  […]