Soup Kitchen Meets a Need in Corner Brook

Posted on 24th March 2010, by Salvation Army
The clients and volunteers who participate in The Salvation Army’s soup kitchen on Tuesdays are a close community. Marcus Maloney, 87, has a bowl of soup, or chili almost every Tuesday, along with his wife Hazel, 82.
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No Permanent Address for Peter – Video

Posted on 16th March 2010, by Salvation Army
It’s about survival. Homeless youth are rarely on the streets by choice. They are typically there because of circumstances. Peter Lewis, 26, discovered that sleeping on the streets, in tents, emergency shelters or on friends’ couches was a solution to an unstable family situation.
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Salvation Army-run Home Heating Program Meets Critical Needs

Posted on 9th March 2010, by Salvation Army
When temperatures plummet, many low-income families are forced to chose between buying groceries or paying for the energy bill. Since 1997 The Salvation Army-run Good Neighbours Energy Program in Nova Scotia has been helping individuals and families when they have nowhere else to turn.
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