When considering giving to The Salvation Army, you might believe that your donation has to be made in cash. But gifts of property can allow you to make a bigger gift than you ever imagined possible.

You can donate many types of property to help The Salvation Army give hope to vulnerable people:

  • Real estate
    Such as a cottage, a piece of land, or a commercial building
  • Personal property
    Including jewellery or antiques
  • Cultural property
    Such as a painting or sculpture
  • Capital property
    Such as stocks, bonds, RRSPs, RRIFs, or mutual funds

If you donate personal or cultural property, we will ask you to have your donation independently assessed, and then we will issue you a tax receipt based on that value.

If you directly donate capital property, you will be exempt from paying any capital gains tax.

Contact a Salvation Army Gift Advisor to learn more

We strongly encourage you to seek independent advice when executing gifts of securities, property, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, wills, trusts, contracts and other legal agreements.