How they work

You can establish a charitable gift annuity by donating a certain sum of money to The Salvation Army. A portion of the contribution amount is used to purchase a commercial annuity to provide the annuity income. The amount remaining represents a charitable donation to the Army. You receive an immediate income tax receipt for this amount and the funds are available to support the Army’s programs immediately.

Charitable Gift Annuities will give you:

  • a totally or partially tax-free annual income for as long as you live
  • guaranteed income with no change in the payment amounts
  • a tax receipt for 20% or more of your annuity when it is issued
  • the choice of receiving your payments monthly, quarterly or semi-annually
  • the satisfaction of making a difference to people in need

Gift annuities are best suited to people who are 70 years old or older. Our minimum age restriction is 60. The minimum amount required to purchase an annuity is $10,000. Annuities can be issued for individuals into their mid-90’s.

Contact a Salvation Army Gift Advisor to learn more

We strongly encourage you to seek independent advice when executing gifts of securities, property, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, wills, trusts, contracts and other legal agreements.