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Hunger Hurts 300,000 Canadian Children

Children who grow up in poor families are more likely to struggle in school, have poor mental and physical health, and will have a harder time realizing their full potential as adults. More than 850,000 Canadians access food banks each … Read more

The Faces of Hunger

In a country of relative wealth, one in eight Canadian families struggle to get enough food. According to HungerCount 2013 food bank use is higher than it was before the recession began five years ago. The causes of food insecurity … Read more

A Life Free From Hunger

Imagine not having enough food to eat.  This week, and every week, the Salvation Army is encouraging Canadians to take a moment to recognize the hundreds of thousands of people in our country who don’t know where their next meal … Read more

Do we really need food banks in 2013?

According to Food Banks Canada, each month 900,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks and 93,000 are first-time users. Rising food and fuel prices, static incomes, high unemployment and changes to benefits are causing many families to struggle to put … Read more