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Unique Program Fights Child Hunger

Unique Program Fights Child Hunger


Imagine starting your school day hungry and unable to focus on what your teacher is saying because of your growling stomach and pounding headache. For one in seven Canadian children, this is a reality.  

Recognizing that hunger has a huge impact on a child’s ability to learn and function, The Salvation Army in Red Deer, Alta., approached the Red Deer Public School Board to start a weekend feeding program where a backpack filled with nutritious food would be taken home by hungry […]


Rising Food Prices Leads to More Hunger


If a trip to the grocery store seems expensive now, just wait, says CBC news. Since 81% of all vegetables and fruit consumed in Canada are imported, they are highly vulnerable to currency fluctuations and are expected to increase in price by up to 4.5 %.

“With significant increases in prices we are not only seeing more people asking for food, but a new and unexpected clientele,” says Kelly Currie, Community Services Coordinator for The Salvation Army in Dartmouth, […]

Salvation Army worker welcomes guest for Christmas meal

Thousands Served at Salvation Army Christmas Dinners


With one in eight Canadian families struggling to put food on their table and an estimated 30,000 people experience homelessness on any given night, The Salvation Army’s Christmas dinners provided a holiday meal for those who wouldn’t otherwise have one.

“It’s a festive atmosphere,” says Captain George Kogan, from The Salvation Army in Langford, B.C. “We feed 250 people at the event, which isn’t just for those experiencing financial hardship. Everybody is welcome. The dinner also caters to people who may […]

Staff from Remedy Holdings Inc. organize food drive

Canadian Company Donates Food to Help Combat Hunger


Remedy Holdings Inc., a privately owned Canadian company with pharmacy operations throughout Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, has donated 12,480 pounds of food to The Salvation Army.

“One in eight Canadians struggle to put food on the table,” says Major Les Marshall, territorial public relations and development secretary. “With the generous donations of partners such as Remedy Holdings, Inc., who organized food drives in 13 communities, The Salvation Army is able to extend its reach in providing food assistance to those […]

Econo Kitchen Provides Budget-friendly Cooking Classes

Econo Kitchen Provides Budget-friendly Cooking Classes


When you are on a tight budget, meal planning can be a challenge. Without much grocery money you might not know where to start, but The Salvation Army’s Econo Kitchen (economic cooking workshops) in Montreal is changing that. 

Every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning Diane Perron, a cook by profession, puts on her apron to assist young and old in the preparation of three budget-friendly recipes.

“The Econo Kitchen workshops allow participants to not only bring a dozen meal servings for the […]

Salvation Army Provides Nutritious Food to Hungry Children

Salvation Army Provides Nutritious Food to Hungry Children


One in seven Canadian children goes to school hungry. This shouldn’t be the case in one of the world’s wealthiest nations and The Salvation Army in Abbotsford, B.C., is providing a solution.

“The goal of The Salvation Army’s Pantry34 program is to ensure that all youth in Abbotsford have access to healthy, nutritious snacks and beverages at any time of the school day,” says Nate McCready, Community Ministries Director for The Salvation Army. “Staff assemble food and beverages into large re-usable […]

Malawi child faces hunger

The Salvation Army Fights Hunger in Malawi


Funwe Villages in Malawi provide an example of the negative impact food scarcity plays in the developing world. Several years ago, when their parcel of land was sold for redevelopment, the villagers were taken by trucks for resettlement in an area without housing, schools, hospitals or markets.   

Years later, with faith and a lot of hard work, the seven small villages have grown into a place where people call home. However, there are still […]

Travis - Travis enjoys a meal provided by the Salvation Army

Supper for Seventy


Monday night meals at The Salvation Army in Swift Current, Sask., create an unlikely community.

“We’ve got all kinds of people from the community, across age ranges, ethnicity, income brackets,” says Captain Michael Ramsay, who helped develop the program when he served as the church pastor in Swift Current. “Sometimes you have people sitting across the table, who have been living in the same community for 50 years, and that’s the first time they’ve actually carried on a conversation.”

Swift Current’s Monday […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Salvation Army Serves up Food and Dignity


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us will sit down to a traditional Thanksgiving feast. But, for vulnerable people such as low-income earners, the elderly on fixed incomes and people experiencing homelessness, Thanksgiving is a day where limited food and lack of money and resources is even more obvious.

“Four million Canadians are food insecure with many not knowing where their next meal will come from,” says Major Les Marshall, Territorial Public Relations and Development Secretary. “Whether it’s […]

Salvation Army helps Bryon get through one more day

When Life Hit Hard


Byron was 18 years sober, managing mental illness and PTSD, was gainfully employed as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and in a long-term relationship. But just when he thought things were going well, a few curveballs sent him on a downward spiral and he couldn’t see a way out.  

“It was Christmastime 2013,” says Byron. “My girlfriend and I split up. Then my mom, who suffered with dementia, had two strokes and was put in a nursing home. For the […]