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A Donor’s Story

With an estimated 165,000 nonprofits and charities in Canada, why do people give to The Salvation Army? One man tells his story. In East Asia Robert* grew up in a well-to-do family. His father, a master baker, owned a successful … Read more

Giving is a Good Thing to Do

While thrift store shopping tends to keep money in your wallets, it could also help send a child to camp. With camping season just around the corner, Salvation Army Thrift stores are collecting funds to give deserving kids from economically … Read more

Doorstep Donations

They didn’t knock on anyone’s door or interrupt anyone’s meal. Volunteers in Chilliwack, B.C. dropped off donation bags for residents to fill. Bags were hung from doorknobs and all residents had to do was pack them and set them out … Read more

Benefits of Year-End Donations

As the year winds down, The Salvation Army is asking Canadians to keep them in mind when they are considering donating to charity. Donations are critical to The Salvation Army’s survival and are used to, not only help those in … Read more