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Salvation Army Responds to Building Collapse in Ghana


On hearing news of the collapse of a six-storey department store in the suburb of Achimota in Accra, Ghana, a team of Salvation Army staff was dispatched from its territorial headquarters with a supply of drinks and snacks for emergency services personnel. Public Relations Secretary Major Justice Incoom was warmly received at the site by the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who was coordinating the rescue effort. The major was told that many of the police, fire, ambulance and military personnel had been working at the scene of the accident

Salvation Army Responds to Crisis in Central Africa


The Salvation Army in central Africa is responding to a growing humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes because of fighting between government troops and rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of the displaced people are living in temporary camps within the country but many have fled across the eastern border, seeking safety in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Clean water and food is in short supply, and many people have travelled without even the most basic of possessions – including clothing. Statistics to date

Salvation Army Responds at Nigeria Plane Crash Site


The Salvation Army in Nigeria is responding after a plane crashed into a residential area near Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos on Sunday 3 June. All 153 passengers were killed, along with an unknown number of casualties on the ground. A team of Salvation Army officers was dispatched to the evacuation site on Monday morning. They spoke with representatives from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and others who are at the site dealing with the aftermath of the accident. It quickly became clear that the most urgent need was

Kenyan Drought Situation Remains Fragile


Turkana, in North West Kenya, remains the major focal point for The Salvation Army Kenya West Territory’s drought response activities. Short-term relief programs are being delivered for struggling communities suffering the direct effects of the drought. A Salvation Army International Emergency Services (IES) team has been working in the area for a month. The situation remains fragile as communities wait for the anticipated seasonal November rains in the hope that they will begin to replenish the dwindling water table.Water continues to be delivered to primary schools and outlying village communities

Salvation Army Kenya Launches Famine Relief Program


The Salvation Army’s Kenya East Territory has begun a three-month famine relief program in Isiolo District, at a cost of 13.5 million Kenyan shillings (US$136,000). The territory is partnering with The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services to provide assistance. In the first phase of the exercise 5,000 people were given enough food to last a month. Identified families received a 50-kilogramme bag of maize and three litres of cooking oil. The Salvation Army team is trying to source beans which can be added to future packages. Distribution took place at

Uganda Update 1


The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services team arrived in Uganda on September 10 to assist with drought relief efforts. Major Rick Shirran, Canadian officer/pastor and Finance Officer for the team reports: • Five of nine monthly food distributions have been completed • Suppliers of maize flower and beans are men of integrity, supplying The Salvation Army with highest quality of these items • At times rain, mud holes and stranded trucks has hampered distribution. • The team is determining exact location of several borehole sites that will provide safe, clean

Salvation Army Kenya Territories Continue Drought Response


The Salvation Army’s two Kenya territories are pushing on with their drought relief activities. Both territories continue to monitor the situation, constantly looking for relevant, innovative ways of responding to the drought crisis. The Kenya West Territory is concentrating its efforts on Turkana, a desert area in the north, where access to water is the biggest problem. In the previous major drought during 2006 The Salvation Army bought tractors and bowsers (mobile water containers). These are being fully utilized during the current drought transporting water to more than 20 remote

Salvation Army Teams Respond to Crisis in Uganda


The Salvation Army’s International Emergency Services team arrived in Uganda on September 10 to assist with drought relief efforts. A drought this severe has not been seen in the area for more than 60 years. Canadian officer/pastor Major Rick Shirran, a member of the team, reports: “The people of North East Uganda are facing the effects of two disasters. The drought was the first disaster. With the failure of the rains to arrive in the growing season, the crops that the villagers relied on to get them through, did not