Running Sober


No one knows how difficult the road to recovery can be more than Rick MacDonald. After struggling with addictions and homelessness, Rick is celebrating four years of sobriety and giving back to those who helped make it happen.

Support Rick this fall on his second annual Running Sober journey across the province to raise awareness and funds for the Salvation Army’s Booth Centre recovery programs. He will begin on Sept 27 in the heart of Amherst and arrive back in Halifax on October 4th. Runners from across the region are invited to join Rick in this last leg of the journey. A celebration rally will be held at the Booth Centre on Gottingen Street at 2:00 p.m. October 4th

Donations can be made online to support this cause. Rick’s vision is to be able to establish an endowment fund for the Booth Centre which will provide additional educational opportunities for clients getting back on their feet. He wants to ensure others have the same experience of being “up and running again”. Rick knows recovery is hard work but he also knows there are caring people who are involved with giving hope today. This initiative is about building that awareness for both those in need and those with the resources to make a difference.

Join the Running Sober Facebook group to show your support and encourage others to do the same. Let’s spread the word and let people know there is help and hope available.


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