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125 Years of Caring for Women


The Salvation Army implemented its social services for women in Montreal in 1890. It became the first organization of the region to provide help, support and shelter for women in distress, especially single mothers.


Since then, in a spirit of innovation, The Salvation Army has established various programs to meet new demands, new challenges and meet the changing needs of the target audience.

Among those services:

  • L’Abri d’espoir is a shelter in Montreal for adult women with or without children. […]
Réjean CentreBOoth

The Power of a Secret


Réjean had an ugly secret. He concealed it to protect a family member—but had no idea the depth of personal harm that would cause. Revealing the traumatic experience was the only thing that could set him free. And the longer he waited, the more destructive was its impact.

“At age 12 I was abused by a neighbour,” says Réjean. “I was afraid to tell my parents—my dad would kill him. That would mean prison and I didn’t want to lose my […]