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by karine
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    Pharmaprix Bajgiran Shaheen joins forces once again with The Salvation Army to raise money for the l'Abri d'espoir.

    During the next four weeks, from September 12 to October 9, Pharmaprix Shaheen Bajgiran consumers will have the opportunity to make donations that will be used to improve the health and quality of life, for women in difficulty who live at l'Abri d’espoir.

    The campaign "Cultivating women's health" is already in its eleventh year. "This campaign allows us to provide essential resources to women for the well-being of their body, mind and spirit." says Christine Malebranche, director of the l'Abri d’espoir. "We want to encourage community members to contribute to the health of women and to support the l'Abri d’espoir during this fundraising campaign." She adds.

    How? It's simple! The campaign provides customers with the opportunity to purchase and personalize a "Growing Women's Health" icon; a "leaf" for a loonie, a "butterfly" for $5, an "apple" for $10 and a "bird" for $50 in all Pharmaprixs including the Pharmaprix Shaheen Bajgiran located at 1500 Rue Ste-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3G 1S8.

    We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Mr. Bajgiran, his team and his clients who, once again, demonstrate their unequaled generosity by allowing The Salvation Army to restore hope and cultivate women's health in our community.