Painting Hope

by karine
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    On June 12, some employees of the international company, Capgemini, went to L’Abri d’espoir, The Salvation Army women’s shelter located in Montreal. The purpose of the day was to help make a significant change affecting the well-being of long-term residents. The Capgemini team and The Salvation Army united with the objective of painting the hallways of L’Abri d’espoir: Painting Hope.

    “It’s a good cause, it’s a noble thing being done here at L’Abri d’espoir. I thougth it would be nice to offer my help, something that would be more permanent. The idea was to give a little colour and restore the walls.” Explains Mr. Raymond Noory, director of Capgemini in Quebec.


    Since the construction of the new building of L’Abri d’espoir in 2004, the halls of the three floors, including that of the “short term” – the floor for women with children, and the floor dedicated to “long term” stays, had been painted with the same colours and needed a change of appearance. For Christine Malebranche, executive director of L’Abri d’espoir, it was a golden opportunity. “When Capgemini contacted me to let me know that they had a team of 30 employees hoping to come to a day of volunteering at l’Abri d’espoir, I proposed for them to help paint, which is a great need for us.”

    According to Mr. Raymond Noory, volunteering is one of the core entrepreneurial and fundamental values of the organization. Every year the organization takes part in an event to support charities of is nature. The Salvation Army was privileged to host a group of extraordinary people who took action, and gave their time back to the community. Their commitment left a lasting imprint in the halls of l’Abri d’espoir. The new colours depict solidarity, empathy and happiness. The happiness to help others and the happiness to paint the hope of a better tomorrow for the residents.

     Thank you Capgemini!