125 Years of Caring for Women

by karine
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    The Salvation Army implemented its social services for women in Montreal in 1890. It became the first organization of the region to provide help, support and shelter for women in distress, especially single mothers.


    Since then, in a spirit of innovation, The Salvation Army has established various programs to meet new demands, new challenges and meet the changing needs of the target audience.

    Among those services:

    • L’Abri d’espoir is a shelter in Montreal for adult women with or without children. Its mission is to provide housing to woman in difficulty, to meet their immediate needs and to offer services and programs in order to foster their social reintegration.
      L’Abri d’espoir is open 24/7 and sixty beds are available for stays of anywhere from one night to 24 months.
    • The Maison Charlotte is a residence located in the heart of Quebec City, with the capacity of welcoming 18 adult women in need. The length of the stay depends on their individual needs. The Maison Charlotte provides compassion, respect, and support for women, preventing them from ending up on the street.
    • Community and Family Services (CFS) includes the majority of services offered to the public. The primary objective of CFS facilities is to meet the basic needs of clients and give them the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty.
      CFS facilities have developed a multitude of programs and services, including: emergency food aid and supplies, school breakfast programs, back-to-school supplies, Christmas hampers, special activities for women, families, and more.

    The Salvation Army recognizes the importance of women in the family structure, and wishes to express its appreciation and recognition. On the International Women’s Say, and as we do everyday ― we honour women.