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Differences Between Rural and Urban Poverty

Although rural poverty is no better or worse than urban poverty, there are unique challenges. Rural residents face social isolation and higher transportation costs, which create burdens related to obtaining food. Not surprisingly more rural households access food banks when compared to urban households.

Other difficulties include limited access to employment opportunities, income, and adequate health and education opportunities.

Have rural Canadians been dangerously neglected?



Nearly One in Seven Canadian Children Lives in Poverty

More than 20 years ago the House of Commons pledged to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. But the promised poverty elimination or plans never materialized.

A 2012 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada says children can’t afford to wait anymore. Public policies have to intervene to support their healthy growth and development now.

The report goes on to say that national partners are recommending a federal action plan to be secured in legislation that [...]

The Unsettling Costs of Poverty

Money manager Marc Hamel tells us that poverty hurts us in ways we might not think.

  • The poorest of the poor die 21 years earlier than the rich.
  • Someone in the lowest category of income earning will use the health-care system 50 percent more than the average person.
  • If you live in poverty as a child there is a 20 percent chance you will live in poverty as an adult.

Hamel says if we could help this 20 percent with skill training and [...]

The Fight Against Poverty Deserves Your Personal Attention

Today, approximately three million Canadians, or one in 10 people, live in poverty. The Salvation Army recognizes that poverty is a critical issue, and that everyone has a right to access basic necessities such as nutritious food, health care, education and economic opportunity.

The effects of poverty are quite serious and deserve our attention:

  • It requires people to make painful choices between necessities, such as paying the rent or feeding the kids, going to the dentist or buying a monthly bus [...]
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The Salvation Army Combats Poverty this Christmas

Toronto, ON November 22, 2011 – Today, The Salvation Army announced the national launch of the 2011 annual Christmas Campaign. The campaign is aimed at raising money and awareness about the continued need for social service programs to support vulnerable individuals throughout Canada during the holiday season and year-round. This year marks the 120th anniversary of The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle Campaign, and there has never been a more crucial time than now to give.

The Salvation Army, in partnership with [...]

Is Canada Ready To Solve Poverty?

The public cost of poverty in Canada is easily $25 billion a year, and climbing. A new report from the National Council of Welfare suggests that the government could save billions of dollars by tackling the roots of poverty.
The report The Dollars And Sense of Solving Poverty looks at the high costs of the consequences of having a large portion of the Canadian population living in poverty. It goes on to say it is in the public interest [...]

Election issue No. 2 – Poverty

All political parties recently signed onto a House of Commons report laying out recommendations for reducing poverty in Canada—but all disagree about how.

It’s reassuring that Canadians believe poverty is an important issue facing the country today. However, in a recent study conducted by The Salvation Army many still don’t understand the issue.

For example about a quarter of Canadians feel that people are poor because they are lazy and have lower moral values than average; and nearly 40 [...]

British Columbians primed to act on poverty, poll finds

British Columbians are more inclined than most Canadians to be sympathetic to the poor and to believe governments should support those on low incomes.

An Angus Reid poll conducted for the Salvation Army suggests British Columbians are eager to address the plight of the lower classes, with one pollster saying it’s because poverty, especially homelessness, is “in-your-face” in this province.

Angus Reid official Mario Canseco says B.C. has the lowest percentage of people in Canada -17 per cent -who believe that all [...]