Winterised Tents See People Through the Cold in Pakistan

Posted on 9th February 2011, by Salvation Army
In northern Pakistan people are facing the cold of winter in very trying circumstances. In 2010 floods destroyed villages across the country and families lost their homes and all their belongings. Despite aid provided by the Government and non-government organisations (NGOs) many people still lack the basic necessities. The scale of the disaster is huge  […]
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New School for Low-Income Kids

Posted on 8th February 2011, by Salvation Army
Thought to be a first for Canada, will a program that only admits low-income students help them battle the effects of poverty or set them up for ridicule? Opening this fall, a Niagara-area school will only admit low-income students whose parents don’t have a college or university education. Students from low-income homes often struggle in  […]
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Can You Trust a Homeless Person?

Posted on 2nd February 2011, by Salvation Army
What would happen if, instead of spare change, you handed a person in need a credit card to shop for whatever they needed? In New York City an advertising executive handed over her American Express Platinum Card to a homeless man after he asked her for change. The man, who was without a home after  […]
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Salvation Army Participates in Province-wide Earthquake Drill

Posted on 26th January 2011, by Salvation Army
On January 26, more than 460,000 people, which included personnel from five Salvation Army Ministry Units, participated in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut. The earthquake drill causes people to think about emergency preparedness and what they would do if an emergency, such as an earthquake, were to occur in the area. The drill itself takes  […]
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With No Aid, Woman Freezes to Death

Posted on 25th January 2011, by Salvation Army
Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, a 66-year-old Toronto woman recently wandered from her home without a coat, in sub-zero temperatures. The distressed woman cried for help but no one came to her aid or called 911. Detectives say at least two residents heard the woman’s screaming and one man saw her in distress but ignored her.  […]
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