Hurricane IGOR Relief Update

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    For Immediate Release

    The Salvation Army Hurricane Igor Assistance Program Update (January 20,2011)

    The Salvation Army continues to receive and process applications from victims of Hurricane Igor.   In excess of 800 applications have been processed and $800,000 distributed. To date more than $1.6 million has been received through the generosity of individual and corporate donors.  This does not include pledges and commitments of approximately $200,000 not yet received

    The Hurricane Igor Advisory Committee continues to meet regularly to receive reports, engage in dialogue on agenda items, and facilitate decision making processes.  The Committee is grateful to Municipalities, the Media, Churches, and Service Organizations who continue to show excellent cooperation in creating awareness and distributing applications. 

    Major Wade Budgell, Secretary For Public Relations with The Salvation Army, notes: “Early in the process we received a high percentage of applications for smaller claims, such as food and loss of personal items.  As the process continues to unfold, we are seeing more substantial claims.  No doubt this is a result of the fact that more government and insurance claims have been finalized and people have come to realize where gaps still exist.  It is for this reason that our Committee will not establish a deadline for applications until we are confident that all victims have had opportunity to settle with insurance and government and then make application to The Salvation Army Igor Assistance Program in order to help bridge the gaps that may still exist.”

    The Hurricane Igor Advisory Committee wishes to re-assure victims, donors, and the general public that the focus of our program remains unchanged, to offer financial assistance to families and individuals who have been impacted by Hurricane Igor to aid with the recovery of losses and help restore a basic level of human comfort. 

    For information and applications please call 1-877-741-IGOR (4467)

    or email 

    For more information contact

    Major Wade Budgell

    Secretary For Public Relations & Development

    The Salvation Army

    709-726-2273 or 709-727-9356


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