Volunteers Are Making The Difference

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    Volunteers Assist The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army has been working with the hands and arms of Volunteers since it’s founding back in 1865 and this year is no different. Hundreds of Canadians, from Coast to Coast have decided to “Give Back” and lend a hand this Christmas. People from all walks of life are volunteering to serve Soup and Sandwiches, pack Christmas Hampers and meet the Homeless on the streets of our Nation. These Volunteers are making the difference in the lives of people who need a friend in some of the darkest days of their lives.


    Volunteers Are Making The Difference In St. John’s


    In the City of St. John’s, volunteers have come to the assistance of Community & Family Services in the sorting and the packing of Christmas Hampers for the more than 1,200 families that have come for Christmas assistance.

    Major Donette Percy, Director of Community and Family Services, stated, “Overall use of The Salvation Army’s City Community Food Banks has increased by 75% in 2010 and the number of Families coming to us for Christmas Assistance has increased dramatically this Christmas Season. Volunteers are making the difference this Christmas, however, with over 10,000 hours of service, Sorting Toys, Packing Christmas Hampers and serving their fellow Newfoundlanders from the goodness of their hearts. We will never know this side of Heaven, the difference one hour of Volunteer Service can make in a life at the point of need!”

    For many years, Individuals, Families, Companies and Civil Servants have supplied willing hands to make Christmas memorable for families that are needing that special care during the Christmas Season.

    There are never enough words to express the gratitude that The Salvation Army has for the countless men and women and children who spend countless hours in service towards their fellow Canadians. Thank you to The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and all the volunteers who assisted in Christmas 2010!!


    Youth Band Volunteers

    Sorting Toys

    Sorting Toys

    Packing Toys


    Sorting Toys

    Sorting & Packing Food Hampers

    Royal Newfoundland Constabulary Cadets

    RNC Distributing Christmas Hampers

    RNC Giving out the Toy Bags

    SNAP St. Johns – Volunteers Are Making The Difference