Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland Launches Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive

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    The Salvation Army Partners with Nutri-Lawn to

    “Restock The Shelves”

    (October 28th) Nutri-Lawn Newfoundland held its Annual “Re-Nourish” Food Drive in the city of St. John’s, “Restocking The Shelves” for The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services Food Bank.

    Major Donette Percy stated, “We wish to thank the employees of Nutri-Lawn for their tireless efforts to ensure that the shelves at The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services Food Bank remain full. These donations of food go a long way in enabling The Salvation Army to continue the Community assistance that is so desperately needed in these days.”

    “In today`s world of big homes, the newest technology or the latest trend we tend to forget that there are people both locally and internationally who need an helping hand in times of trouble. We at Nutri-Lawn wanted to give back to the community we live in and provide our customers with an opportunity to get involved by giving back to a local food bank. As a result, of our support from our customers and employees we have now made this an annual event making it an highlight for all involved. We`re not only helping people that need a warm meal, but we`re also building an attitude of giving to all involved.”  Boyd R. Loveless, Owner/GM Nutri-Lawn

    Over a period of 20 hours, 11 Nutri-Lawn employees collected just over 2,000 pounds of food for The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services Food Bank.

    Major Donette Percy with Nutri-Lawn Employees

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