“Kettle Games” kick off the kettle season

Posted on 18th November 2016, by Maritime
The Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle campaign kicked off across the Maritimes today with a festive competition airing on CTV Morning Live Atlantic.  Competitors Mayor Mike Savage; SMU Huskies players, Jenny Lewis and Andreas Robinson; and CTV hosts, Cyril Lunney and Alyse Hand, were given a series of fun and festive challenges to officially kick off the Christmas  […]

Abe Leventhal leaves a legacy

Posted on 4th November 2016, by Maritime
Though he is no longer with us, Abe Leventhal is continuing to make a difference in the community. As a long-time donor, Leventhal believed in the good work of The Salvation Army, and upon his passing, at age 90, bequeathed $200,000 to continue helping those in need.   Abe Leventhal is largely recognized as the  […]

Engineering strong communities

Posted on 27th October 2016, by Maritime
Strong communities aren't built by concrete and steel alone. It also takes ingenuity, planning, understanding, and compassion from dedicated volunteers. This October, the folks at Stantec rolled up their sleeves to volunteer at The Salvation Army Centre of Hope. The near 20 volunteers were split into two groups. Half would work in the food room helping  […]

Community Cafe celebrates one year anniversary

Posted on 5th October 2016, by Maritime
Truro’s Community Café is celebrating its first anniversary. The Community Café is a program ran weekly by the Salvation Army; aimed towards bringing members of the local community together for a free morning of coffee, tea, and snacks. “We are really excited to be celebrating the first anniversary of the café program,” said Lt. Sarah  […]

Learning with ABC

Posted on 9th September 2016, by Maritime
The Salvation Army in Sydney, NS was recently presented with a $5,000 cheque by the Kiwanis Club of Cape Breton Golden K in support of the ABC program. The ABC program provides non-perishable snacks to Cape Breton schools, allowing teachers to offer students a bit of nourishment during the school day. Children who are hungry  […]

Helping kids make the grade in Halifax

Posted on 26th August 2016, by Maritime
James Woods’ office was overrun by backpacks. So was the office beside him and two others across the hall. As Special Programs Coordinator at the Halifax Centre of Hope, he knows how essential these backpacks are to families in the community. On August 24, the Centre of Hope was site of the Back to School kickoff. This year,  […]

Cooking up fun in Dartmouth

Posted on 19th August 2016, by Maritime
The Salvation Army in Dartmouth brings new meaning to the saying "too many cooks in the kitchen." Kelly Currie, Coordinator of Community and Family Services, launched Kidz Kitchen, a volunteer-run program dedicated to giving kids the tools needed to prepare healthy meals in a fun way. Inspired by a program originally designed by Feed Nova  […]

Summer heats up the need for donations

Posted on 12th August 2016, by Maritime
As summer heats up, many of us are focused on vacations, beach days and patio nights. But with the joy of summer also comes the unfortunate reality that donations tend to drop during this time. While some of us are caught up in summer festivals, holidays and barbeques, many men and women are struggling to  […]

Corporate partners serve the community

Posted on 4th August 2016, by Maritime
Thank you to our  many  corporate partners  who graciously donate their time, money and resources to assisting those who need it most.  This month we would like to highlight three supporters who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to address key areas of need in their communities.  Sportwheels, Energy 103.5 and The Salvation  […]

Camp gives children the chance to play

Posted on 28th July 2016, by Maritime
Although school doors have slammed shut, the doors at The Salvation Army’s Scotian Glen Camp are wide open, as nearly 600 children from all over the Maritimes have a summer camp experience that they will never forget. Scotian Glen Camp is available to children from low-income households. Children spend their days playing sports, swimming, making  […]