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Salvation Army Christmas assistance relieves a lot of holiday pressure for low-income people

Salvation Army in the News


Now in its 125th year, The Salvation Army’s annual holiday campaign seeks donations from the public to help millions of Canadians living in poverty. The Salvation Army is doing its best to help vulnerable Canadians across the country. But don’t just take our word for it. The following are links to recent media reports about The Salvation Army at work.

Victoria, B.C. – When she needed help, Kelly Jane, a single parent, received a food hamper that relieved a lot of […]

Santa Shuffle participants raise awareness and funds for The Salvation Army

Participate in a Fun Run and Change Lives


It’s fun, festive and great exercise. The Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle is also an easy way to support struggling people in your community.

Every year, in 41 cities across Canada, over 16,000 participants secure pledges, dress in festive gear, walk or run, and brave the weather to make a difference in their local communities.

“Over $600,000 was raised last year,” says Erin McGrath, National Race Director. “Participants helped to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and families at Christmas and throughout the […]

Piggy bank with Santa hat, gifts, christmas tree

Budgeting Makes Christmas a Reality


Buy Christmas gifts or pay bills? This was a question Dorothy and her husband struggled with last year. Living from paycheque to paycheque, they barely made ends meet, let alone having extra money for Christmas. On the verge of bankruptcy they had to find a way to improve their financial situation or  Christmas would be another sad season.

“The Salvation Army’s budget counselling, along with diligence and determination, moved us toward a better future,” says Dorothy. “In the past few years, […]


Salvation Army Launches 125th Annual Christmas Kettle Campaign


Toronto, ON November 16, 2015 – Today marks the national launch of The Salvation Army’s 2015 Christmas Kettle Campaign. Now in its 125th year, the annual holiday campaign seeks donations from the public to help millions of Canadians living in poverty.

With a $21-million fundraising goal, the campaign enables local Salvation Army units in 400 communities across Canada help individuals and families with the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. Contributions also allow The Salvation Army to […]

London, Ont., community and family services distributes toys to struggling families at Christmas

Layoffs Prompt Increased Need for Help at Christmas


With recent layoffs in London, Ont., The Salvation Army is seeing more people requesting assistance for Christmas this year. Hundreds of low-income families and individuals in Canada will depend on The Salvation Army to celebrate Christmas.

“At any time people can be hit with an unexpected crisis,” says Nancy Kerr, Program Services Manager for The Salvation Army’s Community and Family Services in London. “From job loss to unexpected bills to relationship breakdowns we are replacing tears of defeat with smiles of […]

Salvation Army war services and canteens for troops

We Remember


On Remembrance Day, what will you and your family remember?

Remembrance Day began in response to the terrible death toll of the First World War. Today, it is as much a tribute to those currently serving in uniform as it is to those who have lost their lives in combat.

Every Remembrance Day, The Salvation Army, along with hundreds of Canadians honours and remembers those who have served, and continue to serve, during times of war, conflict and peace.

On November 11, at […]

Cineplex, Dartmouth, N.S., partners with The Salvation Army to receive toys

Toy Drives Address Widespread Needs


One in seven Canadian children live in poverty, which means each year thousands of children go to bed on Christmas Eve not knowing if there will be any toys under the tree in the morning.

“Every child deserves to have something under their Christmas tree,” says Major Les Marshall, Territorial Secretary for Public Relations and Development. “The Salvation Army hosts, organizes and works alongside community partners to ensure Christmas comes to all children.”

Last year, more than 85,000 children across Canada received […]

Kaitlyn is safe at a Salvation Army shelter

More than Shelter


Kaitlyn, a 23-year-old single parent, lived with her sister. When the landlord discovered Kaitlyn had a two-week-old baby, he asked her to leave. With no place to go, she arrived at The Salvation Army’s Family Shelter in Winnipeg. Here she found a safe place and assistance in pursuing a stable environment.  

“I had no one else to reach out to,” says Kaitlyn. “The Salvation Army kept me positive, level-headed and focused on what I had to do. And that was […]

Econo Kitchen Provides Budget-friendly Cooking Classes

Econo Kitchen Provides Budget-friendly Cooking Classes


When you are on a tight budget, meal planning can be a challenge. Without much grocery money you might not know where to start, but The Salvation Army’s Econo Kitchen (economic cooking workshops) in Montreal is changing that. 

Every Tuesday evening and Thursday morning Diane Perron, a cook by profession, puts on her apron to assist young and old in the preparation of three budget-friendly recipes.

“The Econo Kitchen workshops allow participants to not only bring a dozen meal servings for the […]

Quiz Feature

Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Salvation Army?


In 2015, The Salvation Army celebrated its 150th anniversary in London, England.  Take this quiz and test your knowledge about The Salvation Army.

Question #1: The Salvation Army is at work in:

127 countries 130 countries 132 countries

Question #2: Last year, in Canada, The Salvation Army helped:

2 million people 1.85 million people 1.5 million people

Question #3: In 1891, The Salvation Army’s iconic red kettle was launched in:

San Francisco, U.S.A. Sydney, Australia Toronto, Canada

Question #4: Salvation Army Thrift Stores: