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Wildfire support

Salvation Army Assists Evacuees of Saskatchewan Wildfires


As of Wednesday, July 1, there are 110 active wildfires burning in Saskatchewan.

Smoky conditions continue to make fire suppression efforts difficult, forcing more than 4,000 people to evacuate several northern communities.

In response to the extreme and persisting wildfires, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Personnel are on hand providing:

  • food services to 570 evacuees at Saskatoon’s Reception Centre, which includes three meals a day and snacks.
  • sandwiches, snacks, drinks to hundreds of evacuees in Regina.  
  •  breakfast to 120 people in Prince Albert.
  •  clothing to […]

My Journey as a Newcomer to Canada

My Journey as a Newcomer to Canada


On Canada Day, I celebrate freedom—peace. But adjusting to this new life was overwhelming. I’ll never forget the day my family and I landed as immigrants in Canada.

It was Christmas 2005 when my husband, three children and I got off a plane in Winnipeg. We left Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, in search of a better life. The weather here was cold. We had some clothes, small household items and $100 to live on.  We couldn’t speak any English. We didn’t know […]

International Salvation Army Celebrates 150 years

International Salvation Army Celebrates 150 Years


From July 1-5, 2015, more than 15,000 (1,000 from Canada) Salvation Army members and friends will unite in London, UK, at the Boundless Congress, to celebrate 150 years of bringing help and hope to the world’s most vulnerable.

The Salvation Army began its work in 1865 when William Booth, a London minister, abandoned the conventional concept of a church and a pulpit and took his message of hope to the poor, the homeless, the hungry and the destitute.

By 1867 The Salvation […]

vulnerable youth attend Salvation Army camps

When School is Out, Salvation Army Steps In


Toronto ON, June 25, 2015 – Summer is here and Salvation Army camps are gearing up to provide vulnerable children with the time of their life.

“Salvation Army camps provide financially accessible camping opportunities to families in need,” says Captain Rick Zelinsky, Executive Director of The Salvation Army’s Ontario Camping Ministries. “Campers often come from difficult situations and camp is an experience like no other that can change young peoples’ lives and outlook forever.”

The Salvation Army hosted its […]

How summer camp changes lives

How Summer Camp Changes Lives


With summer just around the corner, Salvation Army camps are gearing up to provide vulnerable children the time of their life. recently spoke with Captain Rick Zelinsky, executive director of The Salvation Army’s Ontario Camping Ministries, to get an overview of the many benefits that camping provides.

What is the purpose of Salvation Army camping ministries?

Salvation Army camps provide financially accessible camping opportunities to families in need. Campers often come from difficult situations and through the kindness of caring […]

Every day 42500 people flee conflict and persecution

Behind the Statistics


Conflict and persecution force an average of 42,500 individuals per day to leave their home and seek protection elsewhere, either within the borders of their own country or in other countries.

On June 20, World Refugee Day recognizes the strength, courage and resilience of millions of refugees.

Survivors often flee at a moment’s notice, either by force or voluntarily, and leave all their possessions behind—uncertain of their destination or whether they will ever return home.  

Ibo, […]

A father overcomes challenges and celebrates success

A Father Overcomes Challenges and Celebrates Success


There's no better time than Father's Day to honour dads who always look out for their children.

Noe’s warehouse job had been reduced to a part-time, on-call position, when his wife, ZoZo, prematurely gave birth to triplets. The babies had complications, and it was uncertain whether one would survive.   

Overwhelmed by fear and anxious about meeting the families’ needs, Noe was under a lot of stress.  Then he met The Salvation Army.

No money—no diapers

“It was a very difficult time with the […]

Salvation Army Reduces Child Labour

How The Salvation Army Reduces Child Labour


There are an estimated 12 million child labourers in India between the ages of five and 14. These children, robbed of their childhood, are forced to work in gruesome conditions or sold to human traffickers. 

Yakub is one of the many children who have benefitted from The Salvation Army’s Brighter Futures Children Sponsorship program in India. When children receive an education, they are less likely to fall victim to child labour. 

Due to the generosity of our donors, the lives of Yakub […]

The Salvation Army's ongoing work in haiti

The Salvation Army’s Ongoing Work in Haiti


More than five years after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Port-au-Prince, Haiti, The Salvation Army continues to provide survivors with new homes, employment skills, agricultural and livelihood support.

Due to the generosity of Canadians, The Salvation Army in the Canada and Bermuda territory has:

  • built 114 permanent, earthquake resistant, houses, with more in process,
  • provided vocational training to 741 youth,
  • provided livelihood support to 681 beneficiaries
  • supported 786 farmers with agricultural assistance.

During a recent visit to Haiti, Salvation Army personnel from Canada met […]