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New Cookbook Benefits Food Bank Clients


In direct response to clients’ feedback about what their needs were, The Salvation Army’s food bank in Penticton, B.C. has produced a series of five cookbooks. “The cookbooks are aimed at providing people with a variety of simple recipes for goods commonly received at food banks,” says Barb Stewart, food bank coordinator. The project has been in the works for months and, in partnership with Valley First Credit Union, the Food For All cookbooks are designed to address the issue of food insecurity by providing healthy, affordable meals for people

Siemens Canada Helps Provide a Better Future for Vulnerable Canadians

Siemens Canada Helps Provide a Better Future for Vulnerable Canadians


Siemens Canada, with the help of Corporations For Community Connections Inc. (CFCC), an organization which refurbishes used computers for donation, recently donated 300 refurbished laptops to three Salvation Army locations. “Our schools expect students to be able to access computers,” says Philip Schaus, purchasing manager for Siemens Canada and president of CFCC. “I have a number of teachers that have become involved with us, they tell me that often students who come from families that can’t afford computers prefer not to turn in assignments, as opposed to admitting they don’t

Child Poverty Rates Remain High

Child Poverty Rates in Canada Remain High


One in seven Canadian children lives in a low-income household. Children are often the innocent victims of poverty. When Tanya’s marriage broke down, she was left with responsibilities she now had to bear on her own. “As a single parent, I was pulled in every direction,” says Tanya. “I never seemed to have enough time, energy, patience or money. I often felt things were spinning out of control. Then I met The Salvation Army whose help with food, pull-ups and school snacks eased my financial pressures.” A 2012 Report Card

Koodo Mobile helps The Salvation Army fight hunger and feed hope

Koodo Food Drive Helps The Salvation Army Fight Hunger and Feed Hope


From May 20 to May 31, 2014, Koodo Mobile’s 159 locations across the country collected a total of 1,981 pounds of food that will be used to help people in need in local communities. “The Salvation Army is grateful for partnerships such as Koodo,” says Major Les Marshall, Territorial Public Relations & Development Secretary. “It takes a lot of money to stock our food shelves. When groups such as Koodo support The Salvation Army, we are able to stretch our dollars even further, making a significant difference in the lives

Salvation Army in the News


In Canada, The Salvation Army is active in 400 communities. The following are snapshots from media sources of The Salvation Army at work during the week of July 7. Jackson’s Point, Ont: Summer fun is in full swing at The Salvation Army’s Blaze camp for kids. Eight-year-old Meerjan says it’s a good thing he came to camp where new, exciting things happen every day. Read more. Prince Albert, Sask. A half hour before opening, people line up for a free meal outside of The Salvation Army’s weekly soup kitchen in

Salvation Army helps newcomers feel at home

How The Salvation Army Helps Newcomers Feel at Home


Imagine going to the grocery store and finding that the food doesn’t look like anything like you’re used to; education is in a language you don’t understand and you feel caught between two cultures. “Starting over was hard,” says Binyam, 16, whose family of seven came to Canada for better access to education and opportunities. “Sometimes I wondered if I should have stayed in Sudan.” Families emigrating from different parts of the world to Canada have many hardships to face. As they adapt to a new culture and lifestyle, many

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10 Volunteering Facts That May Surprise You


Volunteer work is important not only to individuals but to Canadian society as a whole. A 2010 study by Statistics Canada reveals some thought-provoking facts about volunteering. Ages 15-24 represent the highest percentage of volunteers (at 58%). Close to one-half of Canadians volunteer. 1.1 million full-time equivalent jobs are represented by volunteering annually. Single Canadians, who have never married, are the most likely to do volunteer work. Parents with school-aged children have significantly higher rates of volunteering than people without children at home. Raising money and putting on events are

The impact of war on families

World Refugee Day Emphasizes Impact of War on Families


More than 35 million people around the world are currently displaced from their homes because of war, conflict and persecution. World Refugee Day, June 20, 2014, brings attention to the plight of these vulnerable people. Over 100 countries around the world will participate in social events, campaign for refugee rights and use social media to raise awareness and remind those of us who live in safety and freedom that not everyone in our world is so fortunate. The Salvation Army works with refugees both within the Canada and internationally. In

Parental supports help families succeed

Helping People Be Parents that Kids Can Count On


“Having my daughter was a life-changing event for me,” says Blake. “Being a parent is rewarding, but also complex and challenging. I welcomed the extra help, guidance and support The Salvation Army offered me.” In centres such as Ottawa, Winnipeg and Calgary, Salvation Army parenting programs are not only lifelines but resource and service centres. “With community support we are able to make a difference for people in the long-term,” says Major Brenda Coles, Executive Director of The Salvation Army’s Bethany Hope Centre in Ottawa. “The more services we can

Eating healthy can tax an already tight budget

The High Cost of Eating Well


According to, a family on a healthy diet can expect to pay $2,000 more a year for food than those who eat less nutritious meals. With the rising costs of essential needs such as food and shelter, eating healthier can tax an already tight budget. The Nutritious Food Basket (NFB), a survey tool that monitors the cost of healthy eating, says that the average weekly cost for a family of four to eat nutritiously in Toronto is $183.10, representing an increase of 4% from 2012. After paying for housing