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Remembering my Mom on Mother’s Day


My maternal grandparents, the Always, named my mother, their beautiful, curly headed baby girl, Lois. When I was young I remember my mom telling me that her friends, as kids often do, shortened her name, and affectionately nicknamed her Lo.

One Sunday morning, she and those same friends were misbehaving on the church balcony high above the congregation where they believed they were out of eyesight of their watchful parents and the pulpit.
The kids weren’t paying any attention to the pastor until that moment when he stood and loudly read the scripture passage for the morning worship service, “And Lo, I am with you Always, even unto the end of the world”

My mom laughed as she recalled it and said, “I gasped very loudly when I heard him say my name as I was pretty certain that it was indeed the ‘end of the world; my world!' I was truly convicted! God had called me out in front of everyone, especially my father, who was not at all pleased by my disruptive behavior." I recall Mom smiling as she told me, "I was a quick study; I learned pretty much everything you ever needed to know about consequences, discipline, repentance and forgiveness all in one day!"

Mom is gone to Glory now and yet these wonderful memories and the impact of her life remain with us.
May the impact of our living bring as much joy to others.
Happy Mother's Day!

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