graduation day.

by British Columbia
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On Friday, The Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light celebrated a very special "gratitude day" recognizing clients graduating from Phase 1 (90 days) and Phase 2 (living skills) of the treatment program along with celebrating a high school graduation! 

Vinther started working towards his high school diploma in 2012. While working towards his diploma, he was facing various personal hardships and challenges.  He left the school he was working with in Prince George due to these personal reasons. His teacher allowed him to keep the books, requesting that whenever Vinther was done with the material, he return them. 

Despite his homelessness and addiction, Vinther managed to hold onto the course material.  When he arrived at The Salvation Army Vancouver Harbour Light, Vinther connected with the Learning Centre and worked with resident instructor, Zahra. 

We were excited to celebrate Vinther's accomplishment as he has now obtained his high school diploma! 

He has also returned the books, as promised.