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Government of Canada announces funding to help victims of human trafficking.


Wai Young, MP for Vancouver South, accompanied by Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Peter MacKay, announced funding of more than $88,000 to The Salvation Army Deborah's Gate program to help victims of human trafficking reintegrate into community. This funding follows through on the Government of Canada's commitment to protect society's most vulnerable by supporting organizations that help victims who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation or forced labour. 

With the funding announced today, The Salvation Army Deborah's Gate will develop and implement an 80-week intervention and rehabilitation program for up to 70 women and girls who are victims of human trafficking. 

Quick Facts 

—  The Salvation Army's Deborah's Gate program will receive $88,500 to
    expand its services to help human trafficking victims develop life and
    living skills.

—  The program will focus on providing individualized care to address the
    specific needs of each resident.

—  The project will also further build partnerships with governments, law
    enforcement, agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

—  The funding announced today demonstrates the Government's commitment to
    meaningfully support those exploited through human trafficking.

—  Federal government support of up to $500,000 yearly for victims of human
    trafficking is a key part of Canada's National Action Plan to Combat
    Human Trafficking.


"Our Government is pleased to announce our support for this new intervention and rehabilitation program at Deborah's Gate focusing on one-on-one care for victims of human trafficking. This horrific abuse of human rights is unacceptable and affects all of us. Our Government stands up for victims of crime and is proud to support Deborah's Gate in helping victims of this heinous crime to heal and move forward to a better life." 

Wai Young 
Member of Parliament for Vancouver South 

"Human Trafficking is a despicable crime that preys on the most vulnerable, especially women and children. Our Government is committed to the safety of all Canadians and has taken strong action on this issue, including by implementing mandatory minimum sentences for those who have been convicted of child trafficking. Our Government will continue to stand up for victims of crime, while placing them at the heart of our justice system." 

Peter MacKay 
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 

"The Salvation Army's commitment to provide innovative and specialized programming for survivors of human trafficking will continue as a result of the direct support of the Department of Justice Victims Fund through the Living Hope: Life and Living Skills Program. We will provide supports and resources for survivors to recover from their experience and re-integrate back into a safe and healthy community, in ways such by developing key life and living skills that are specific and inclusive of each survivor's voice." 

Lt Colonel Larry Martin 
Divisional Commander British Columbia Division

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