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by British Columbia
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"I have the pleasure of working in a supportive environment where I am able to take ownership, be creative and take on friendships in the workplace.

I take pride in honouring the 50 years of generational success The Salvation Army has in The Comox Valley, which I see as an important ingredient for women.  To be part of something that has longevity and is generational, where their input is long – standing and will be referred to for many generations is like teaching our daughters and sons, the best of what we know.  We only hope that the best part of us gets “handed down” or as in the case of the work place heard and regarded as important and perhaps implemented. I am grateful for the support The Salvation Army has given to me to expand and grow.

Being creative mimics women’s unique ability to give birth to something new and promising. Then, when we are given space to nurture and develop our vision, true satisfaction is attainable. The Salvation Army has offered me creative tools to fulfil that piece of my intuitive nature.

The encouragement to further my skills and knowledge that is relevant to the duties outlined in my position is met with enthusiasm because women value their time, knowing they are capable of greatness.

I enjoy every aspect of my responsibilities here at The Salvation Army, where compassion is not the exception but the rule, where being creative is given consideration and respect, where thoughtfulness is not only allowed but necessary.  Here at The Salvation Army I rely on a solid system backed by people who dare to know me; my strengths and weaknesses, because at the end of the day, Women always appreciate that which they can depend on."

– Nancy Carlson, Comox Valley