10,662 Pairs of RED Socks

by British Columbia
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 Home and lifestyle retailer, Nood, delivered 10,662 pairs of red socks to the Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre located in Vancouver’s Downtown Lower Eastside.

The ‘Red Sock Project’ was a Nood driven campaign that called on Canadians to ‘share the warmth’ by donating $2 toward a pair of socks for the homeless and disadvantaged. 

“Today we have the opportunity to warm hearts as well as feet.  Nood started this program looking to make a simple yet valuable contribution to the community and were overwhelmed with the response. The Red Sock Project has demonstrated to us how a small donation can make a big difference when you rally people together” said Nood General Manager, Damien Bryan.

More accustomed to delivering dining tables and lounge suites, the Nood truck was packed with thousands of thick woolen socks for the Salvation Army to distribute to communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Victoria. 

“We’re very excited to receive the red socks from Nood today. Our work in the community this year focuses on human dignity which means providing those in need with basic items to help make their lives a little easier”, said the Salvation Army’s Major Brian Venables.

Nood launched the campaign in November last year with an aim of reaching 10,000 socks. Through media coverage, community support and the enthusiasm of Nood staff, the Red Sock Project exceeded its target, receiving 10,622 donations.

“The Red Sock Project was readily embraced by Nood staff in Vancouver, Calgary and Victoria. Following the launch, customers were coming into our stores specifically to donate to the cause. At a time when most businesses are working on their profit margins, the Red Sock Project gave our team a cause to rally behind, and encourage customers to participate in”, said Damien.

Nood is committed to running the program again in 2011 and is already planning opportunities to increase donations through activities such as business partnerships and store events. 

The Salvation Army THANKS Nood for their generosity, support and willingness to get involved!