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Salvation Army supporters honoured by Navy Commander


nadenStephanie Greeves, Ken Lavigne and Naval Petty Officer Roy Kaighin were awarded a Bravo Zulu from Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile, Commander of the Maritime Forces Pacific, at a reception held in the Admiral’s personal residence on January 14.  Bravo Zulu awards are presented by the Admiral to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and performance.

For more than ten years the three have volunteered their extraordinary talent to the Naden Band Christmas Concerts in support of The Salvation Army’s Christmas toy drive.  The Concerts are an annual gift to the community from the Naden Band and its guest soloists.

“Bravo Zulu means well done,” explained the Rear Admiral. “It’s the highest honour we can give.”

Stephanie and Ken are both accomplished soloists, and Roy is the mastermind behind the music they sing at the Concerts.  As recipients of the Bravo Zulu award, the three are acknowledged for upholding the finest ideals of service to community and Navy.  Bravo Zulu awards are normally presented within the military only; it is a rare and special honour for Bravo Zulu to be presented to civilians, as was done for Ken and Stephanie.

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