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Thrift Store makeover in Quesnel


The Salvation Army in Quesnel was thrilled recently to celebrate the grand opening of its new Thrift Store location. It was a thrift store makeover, and the Quesnel community is thrilled with the results! Here’s a photo chronology of the change:


“Our old Thrift Store was dark and crowded,” says Captain Deb VanderHeyden.


The thrift store also served as the location for The Salvation Army’s meal program. With the two services in the same space, the atmosphere was often chaotic and disorganized.


The two social services will now have their own space.


“Our customers and staff are just thrilled with the new store; it is bright and much bigger.”


“We have been blessed with good helpers,” says VangerHeyden of the staff and volunteers hard at work. “That makes all the difference.”


The Salvation Army’s Family Services building in Quesnel (on McLean street) is also receiving a new look, and should be complete within the next two or three months.

The Salvation Army has Family Services units in 39 British Columbia communities.


Alexis Simmons

I LOVE IT! As an adherent to the Quesnel Salvation Army Church and customer of the thift store, I think it’s absolutely wonderful how God has worked in that little town in BC! May the Good Lord continue to bless them all!

p.s. Capt’s Jimmy and Debbie VanderHeyden are two of the best people you will ever meet. :)


I visited this thrift store a few weeks ago. (I don’t live in Quesnel) The staff/volunteers were so warm and friendly; they were relaxed even when it was busy. I found it to be a calm place to spend time just checking out all the treasures and taking some time for myself. The staff/volunteer lady took the time to notify me of all the upcoming sales and promotions – bag sales, and $2/item sales, that sort of thing.

The shop itself is bright, cheery, well stocked and well-lit.

I have told many people about the new thrift store in Quesnel. I wish you all the very best in your new venture.



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