Summer Camp Stories

Posted on 28th July 2010, by Salvation Army
So many of us have attended some kind of summer camp. What kind of camps did you attend when you were younger? Do you have treasured memories? Friends that you keep in touch with? What was your favourite activity? Now’s your chance to remember the good ole’ days of summer and tell us your best  […]
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Kids Come Alive at Summer Camp

Posted on 20th July 2010, by Salvation Army
Kids are so excited, they don’t look back to say goodbye. Equipped with backpacks and sleeping bags they head off to summer camp where they come alive.
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Salvation Army Summer Camps Change Lives

Posted on 30th June 2010, by Salvation Army
The countdown has begun. Summer break for Canada’s students is just around the corner. Thanks to your generous donations Salvation Army camping ministries are gearing up to provide close to 5,000 kids nationwide a time of fun
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“Kids to Camp” National Program a Great Success

Posted on 25th June 2010, by Salvation Army
The Salvation Army’s National Recycling Operations “Kids to Camp” program is sending 267 kids to camp this year. On June 19, across Canada, customers of Salvation Army thrift stores were invited to donate funds that would help pay camp fees for less privileged campers. More than $58,000 was raised. Last year 4,800 children went to  […]
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Sally Van Helps Toronto’s Homeless Youth One Night at a Time

Posted on 1st April 2010, by Salvation Army
In late 2009 I volunteered on The Salvation Army’s street youth van that feeds and befriends Toronto’s homeless youth. Seven evenings a week, the “Sally Van” gives a glimpse of hope to 16 to 25-year-olds who are desperate for food, compassion and understanding.
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Seven-year-old Donates Birthday Money to Haiti

Posted on 26th March 2010, by Salvation Army
Instead of birthday gifts, 7-year-old Claire-Marie Harrower asked her nine friends to bring money to her birthday party so she could give it to The Salvation Army’s ongoing relief efforts in Haiti. A total of $214.21 was gathered. Claire-Marie and her mom, Lisa, made a special trip to The Salvation Army’s head office in Toronto  […]

Homeless Youth Receive a Hand Up at Salvation Army Shelter

Posted on 9th February 2010, by Salvation Army
At The Salvation Army Sutton, Ontario, Youth Shelter, male and female clients receive a hand up rather than a hand out. The shelter’s emergency and transition housing for homeless youth has served more than 800 people, ages 16 to 26, since its doors opened in March 2006.
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