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March break camp in London, Ont., gives kids a chance to learn new skills

Salvation Army Makes the Most of March Break


It’s March break and, across the country, Salvation Army March break camps are providing a wide-range of activities and adventures for kids that will not only create lasting memories, but give them an opportunity to grow socially, meet new friends and learn new skills.

In London, Ont., The Salvation Army’s Westminster Park Community Church is hosting a week-long literacy camp in the mornings followed by games and activities in the afternoon. Captain Tracy Savage, church pastor, says the literacy program is […]

Red Cap and anti-bullying programs help kids respond to bullying in a positive manner

Salvation Army Helps Kids Deal with Bullying


At least one in three adolescent students in Canada are bullied and 47 percent of Canadian parents report having a child who is a victim of bullying.

On February 25, Pink Shirt Day, Canadians are encouraged to wear a pink shirt to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying.

The Salvation Army, which exists in 400 communities across Canada, takes bullying seriously.

“Programs targeted to youth, such as Red Cap (an anger management course for children) deal with […]

Target team members help with activities at Salvation Army after-school reading program

How Corporate Partnerships Increase Resources and Effectiveness of Salvation Army Programs


As part of its commitment to help alleviate hunger and end poverty across Canada, Target has partnered with The Salvation Army to provide healthy meal options to children across the country.

“Target Canada is a critical partner in ensuring that youth in our country have access to sufficient and nutritious food,” says Major Les Marshall, The Salvation Army’s Territorial Public Relations and Development Secretary.

“There isn’t a lot of food in my house,” says one Grade 5 student who receives a healthy […]

Salvation Army school lunch programs combat hunger and change lives

Salvation Army School Lunch Programs Feed Minds and Change Lives


It’s back-to-school time and, as many parents pack school lunches and snacks, we need to bear in mind that one in seven children go to school hungry. This lack of food robs them of dignity and negatively affects their ability to learn.

The Salvation Army recognizes this issue and has established programs to help feed students. For example:

• In St. John’s N.L., more than 100 students from St. John’s Booth Memorial and Bishops College enjoy a free lunch hosted by The Salvation […]

At Salvation Army camp kids smile a lot, are relaxed and enjoy plenty of laughter

Kids Flourish at Camp Scotian Glen


During the week of July 7 – 13, 2014, close to 100 children, ages seven to 12, travelled from the Halifax area to Thorburn, N.S., where they bunked in cabins at The Salvation Army’s Scotian Glen Camp, located on the banks of the Sutherland’s River.

At camp kids smile a lot, are relaxed and enjoy plenty of laughter.  “My friends and I knock on the walls between our rooms,” says Destiny, who has attended camp for six years. “We have secret […]

Salvation Army sends kids to school with backpacks full of dignity

Salvation Army Sends Kids to School with Backpacks Full of Dignity


While stores promote new back-to-school supplies, thousands of children in Canada are reminded of what they don’t have.

“For low-income families, money in the household goes to food and basic necessities,” says Major Russ Holland of The Salvation Army’s Vancouver Community and Family Services. “Once again, The Salvation Army is excited to help families in need with the high cost of going back to school.”

From July 14 to August 11 The Salvation Army in British Columbia will raise funds and school […]

High-risk parents overcome barriers at The Salvation Army

How One Donor is Empowering High-Risk Parents and Their Children


At an early age, E. Neville Ward learned the importance of helping children caught in the grip of poverty to reach their full potential.

“My mother, Kathleen, was a Home Economics teacher who believed in the importance of nurturing children and youth from economically disadvantaged backgrounds,” says Neville. “She witnessed first-hand how poverty affects a child’s capacity to learn. She was encouraged to see The Salvation Army at work in her small town giving hope to families in crisis. So, donating […]

Salvation Army in Regina provides and delivers lunches to at-risk students

Ensuring Kids Don’t Go to School Hungry


“There isn’t a lot of food in my house,” says one Grade 5 student who receives a healthy lunch from The Salvation Army in Regina, Sask. “Sometimes there is nothing in our refrigerator, so if I didn’t get lunch I’d be hungry.”

In Canada, as many as one in seven children go to school hungry. They are helpless victims of poverty who don’t have the choice of packing a lunch or buying one at school.

The Salvation Army recognizes that child hunger […]

Thrift store helps at-risk teens get workplace skills

Montreal Thrift Store Helps At-Risk Teens Get Workplace Skills


Within the past year, The Salvation Army St. Hubert Thrift Store in Montreal, Quebec, has opened its doors to eight teenagers, providing them hands-on work experience and exposure to the retail environment.

But, these are not your average teenagers. They are a group of youth who have endured a difficult past by being exposed to neglect, physical and psychological abuse, or have faced major family problems such as poverty and domestic violence.

They are a few out of the thousands of children […]

Helping Youth Succeed

Helping Youth Succeed


As the cost of living increases, larger portions of family budgets are being diverted away from children’s after-school activities to necessities such as rent and food.

Extracurricular programs help youth transition into adulthood and realize their full potential. By being active and socializing, children develop life skills and improve their overall mental and physical well-being.

The Salvation Army believes that every child deserves equal opportunity to succeed. In many of our programs across the country, we provide children of all ages and […]