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Volunteer, Jackie, helps vulnerable people get through the week

Volunteer to Beat the Winter Blahs


Good intentions come with the New Year. Many of us want to make a difference in 2015, but sometimes it’s hard to get started. In the midst of winter, the cold weather and lack of sunlight can often cause our moods and energy to plummet.

Experts recommend activities such as volunteering as a way to avoid those winter blahs—to stay active and avoid long periods of being indoors. In addition, a study in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour found […]

Salvation Army helps vulnerable families at Christmas, but they can't do it alone

Caring Enough to Give


Every year, The Salvation Army fills a need at Christmas. But they can’t do it alone

The three of them were like all the other kids on their street. They couldn’t wait for Christmas and everything that special day entailed. Their tree was decorated. The houses on their street were lit up cheerfully. School was over and all that was left was for Christmas Eve to hurry up and arrive.

It had been a difficult year. Their mom had lost her job. […]

Salvation Army Christmas volunteer brings hope in the midst of brokenness

How You Can Change a Life This Christmas


In high school, Robin’s distorted self-image lead to an eating disorder. Today, at 21, she has turned her life around and this Christmas season is volunteering with The Salvation Army to help others find strength during some of their most difficult days.

“Christmas is a happy time for many people, but for those living in poverty, the stress of not having enough money to buy gifts or plan a family dinner can be devastating,” says Robin. “I understand pain and suffering […]

Volunteers help The Salvation Army make Christmas memorable for people in need

Five Reasons to Volunteer this Christmas with The Salvation Army


Volunteering and giving back is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give this Christmas.

As The Salvation Army embarks on its Christmas campaign, it relies on volunteers to make Christmas memorable for people in need.

From assisting on our iconic red kettles, to feeding the hungry, to sorting toys and packing food hampers, volunteering will:

  • make a child’s eyes light up when they unwrap a new toy on Christmas morning;
  • give a homeless person Christmas dinner and a friend to share it […]

Salvation Army in the News


In Canada, The Salvation Army is present in 400 communities. The following are snapshots from media sources of The Salvation Army during the week of September 29.

Regina, Sask.

As Saskatchewan’s population grows and the holiday season approaches, the city’s charitable groups such as The Salvation Army are working to combat growing poverty rates.

Read more.

Midland, Ont.

Salvation Army volunteer is the first person from this area to receive Canada’s highest award for volunteerism.

Read more.

Vernon, B.C.

Save-On-Foods manager spent […]

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10 Volunteering Facts That May Surprise You


Volunteer work is important not only to individuals but to Canadian society as a whole. A 2010 study by Statistics Canada reveals some thought-provoking facts about volunteering.

  • Ages 15-24 represent the highest percentage of volunteers (at 58%).
  • Close to one-half of Canadians volunteer.
  • 1.1 million full-time equivalent jobs are represented by volunteering annually.
  • Single Canadians, who have never married, are the most likely to do volunteer work.
  • Parents with school-aged children have significantly higher rates of volunteering than people without children at home.
  • Raising money and […]
  • Volunteers help The Salvation Army meet human needs

    Volunteering and its Unexpected Benefits


    With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the unexpected benefits of giving back to your community are numerous.

  • Volunteering increases self-confidence: Doing something good for others gives you a sense of accomplishment and identity.
  • Volunteering helps you stay physically healthy: Volunteering is especially beneficial to older adults and lessens symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease.
  • Volunteering combats depression: Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system. This eases […]