Salvation Army Helps to Fill the Gap on Mental Health

Posted on 23rd October 2017, by
Salvation Army Helps to Fill the Gap on Mental Health
Every time John was discharged from the hospital after a mental-health breakdown, he had no idea where to turn for help. Today, at The Salvation Army’s Haven, a residential, licensed, mental-health program in Winnipeg, he is developing skills to reintegrate into and contribute to his community. “Without The Salvation Army I would be in hospital,”  […]

Why Long-Term Care Matters

Posted on 14th August 2017, by
Why Long-Term Care Matters
Alice Mayor, 102, suffers with Dementia. Elliot Armstrong, 78, has physical limitations. Yet, despite their challenges, they are living enjoyable and fulfilling lives at The Salvation Army’s Golden West Centennial Lodge in Winnipeg. “Our goal is to provide health, personal and social supports to individuals through the last months and years of life,” says Joyce  […]

Drop-in Program Benefits At-Risk Youth

Posted on 7th June 2016, by
At-risk youth make crafts at drop-in program
It’s Friday night at The Salvation Army’s youth drop-in program in Weston, a community in Winnipeg’s north end. Girls are weaving rubber bands into bracelets. Boys are playing board games. There is laughter and high fives, yet many of these youth have little hope for the future. Historically the neighbourhood was nicknamed "CPR Town" due  […]

Ensuring Kids Don’t Go to School Hungry

Posted on 5th May 2014, by
“There isn’t a lot of food in my house,” says one Grade 5 student who receives a healthy lunch from The Salvation Army in Regina, Sask. “Sometimes there is nothing in our refrigerator, so if I didn’t get lunch I’d be hungry.” In Canada, as many as one in seven children go to school hungry.  […]

Finding Strength in a Salvation Army Support Network

Posted on 25th March 2014, by
At age 12, Nick was devastated by the death of his father. Then, five years later, his mother died of pneumonia.  As Nick’s grieving transitioned into full-fledged depression, he thought about taking his own life every day. After his mom died, he lived with family. They were heavy drinkers whose name calling and belittling crushed  […]

Hockey Haven Helps Kids Beat the Streets

Posted on 28th October 2013, by
Eighteen-year-old Calvin grew up in Winnipeg’s North End where he was surrounded by gangs, drugs and kids with nothing to do who terrorized people. “The streets are dangerous,” says Calvin. “Programs like The Salvation Army’s Midnight Challenge are more important than ever.” “We started the program more than two decades ago when gang violence was  […]

Grand Prairie Salvation Army Christmas Appeal Under Way

Posted on 16th November 2012, by
Major Daniel Roode says the money raised over the next five-and-a-half weeks is vital towards the work done by the Salvation Army in our city. The Salvation Army has launched it’s 2012 Christmas Appeal in Grande Prairie. $350,000 is the goal once again this year. “Not only are we raising money for helping people who  […]
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Estevan Opens its First Homeless Shelter

Posted on 7th November 2012, by
According to local estimates from The Salvation Army and police, there are between 20 and 45 homeless people either living in their cars or in parks or near the railroad. Brenna Nickel, a minister with St. Paul’s United Church, has partnered up with The Salvation Army and local volunteers to turn the United Church’s auditorium  […]
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Food Bank Shelves Emptying Quickly

Posted on 6th June 2012, by
Major Len Millar of the Estevan Salvation Army usually looks at life as being a glass half-full, not half-empty. But when the glass is 80 per cent empty, he’s not enjoying the odds. That’s the situation with the Salvation Army operated food bank right now. It’s at 20 per cent of where it needs to  […]
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