Free Tax Clinics Relieve Stress and Boost Income for Struggling Canadians

Posted on 31st March 2017, by
volunteer, Jerry (left) sits with laptop to prepare income tax with church pastor Danette Woods (right)
With one in 10 Canadians living in poverty, tax season can be a stressful time. For people such as Carole and her son, Troy, The Salvation Army’s free income tax clinics not only encourage low-income individuals and families to fill out their taxes, but the process can help to improve many difficult situations. “Carole has  […]

New Thrift Store Opens in Fredericton

Posted on 21st August 2012, by
After a five-month search, The Salvation Army has found a permanent home for a brand new Thrift Store in the Fredericton North community. The new Fredericton, NB, Thrift Store, located at 275 Main Street (a space previously occupied by Blockbuster Video), is now open for business and is stocked with gently used products including clothing  […]
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Duffle Bags and Dignity

Posted on 3rd July 2012, by
In Moncton, N.B, The Salvation Army’s unique camping program is providing additional dignity to vulnerable children by ensuring that each child arrives at camp as an equal. Imagine the embarrassment of appearing at camp with a battered suitcase that contained one beat-up old pillow, or the isolation felt as you sat on the sidelines during  […]
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Food Mentoring Restores Dignity

Posted on 7th May 2012, by
From beef to coffee, and pasta and potatoes, food inflation has persisted. According to The Globe and Mail high food prices are here to stay. And, when food suddenly costs more, those who can least afford it get hit hardest. This is sure to affect the cycle of poverty that organizations like The Salvation Army  […]
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Program Will Offer Cooking Basics

Posted on 23rd February 2012, by
A November Sussex N.B. Area Community Foundation grant has given support to a Salvation Army project called Sally’s Community Kitchen. This initiative is part of the Sussex Vibrant Communities Poverty Initiatives. The program is recognized as a Food Mentoring Initiative to help those living on low incomes. The goal of Sally’s Community Kitchen is to  […]
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Salvation Army Community Garden Restores Self-Worth

Posted on 30th May 2011, by Salvation Army
Dignity is about feeling connected. It’s about a sense of belonging and improved self-worth. Data recently released by The Salvation Army reports that the vast majority of Canadians believe everyone, despite their socioeconomic status, deserves dignity and most deserve a helping hand. But, many still believe that the poor have mostly themselves to blame and  […]
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Maritimes Celebrate 125 years – Rooted in Hope

Posted on 20th April 2010, by Salvation Army
This year marks the 125th Anniversary of The Salvation Army ‘opening fire’ in the Maritime Division. In those early years, there was much curiosity about their methods and message but the seed of Salvationism took root. It has stood the test of time. While methods may change over the years, the message must remain constant.  […]