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Julia, left and Evie, right, at Calgary's Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre

Newcomers Learn English and Build Friendships


Lonely. It’s a word Evie and Julia use over and over again to describe their experience as new Canadians. The two women travelled a long road before arriving at their new homes in Calgary ―Evie from Albania and Julia from Ukraine.

In Calgary, both mothers were at home with young children and found their lack of English skills isolating. “When you stay at home, you have no friends,” says Evie. Both women were in a routine of housework and childcare. They did […]

participants at community kitchen sit down around a table to enjoy a meal

How a Community Kitchen is Helping Newcomers


Immigration and anxiety go hand in hand. Adapting to an unfamiliar culture, making healthy food choices and finding ways to feel ‘at home’ are some of the many challenges facing newcomers.

In Kelowna, B.C., The Salvation Army has partnered with Kelowna Community Resources to provide a six-week, hands-on cooking class where participants learn valuable information and, for a few hours, escape the stress of resettlement.  

“I love cooking and eating,” says Akemi, who attends the program. “I come to improve my […]

Winnipeg booth centre empty shelter beds

Salvation Army Shelter Beds Fill Up as Refugee Claimants Arrive in Winnipeg


Since the first influx of people entered Manitoba from the U.S., The Salvation Army has provided food and shelter to refugee claimants. But as more people cross the border, shelter beds at its Booth Centre are filling up and space to house them is becoming less available.

“We have worked hard to make beds available for refugee claimants without impacting our other services,” says Major Rob Kerr with The Salvation Army. “We are trying to make more space for them but […]

Salvation Army booth centre winnipeg

Salvation Army Provides Shelter to Asylum Seekers Pouring Across Manitoba Border


As asylum-seekers make their way through deep, snow-covered fields into Manitoba, The Salvation Army is providing shelter and safety once they arrive in Winnipeg. “Most are carrying nothing more than a backpack,” says Major Rob Kerr of The Salvation Army. “They need all their energy to get through the fields.”

The Salvation Army Booth Centre in Winnipeg is working in partnership with Welcome Place, which offers a range of services to assist refugee newcomers.

“Welcome place is directing the asylum-seekers to Booth […]

New Canadian, Julia, gets support from Calgary's Barbara Mitchell family resource centre

Salvation Army Helps Newcomers Discover Canada


“When my family and I immigrated to Calgary from Ukraine in 2010 I had limited English language skills, couldn’t hold a conversation and knew little about everyday life in Canada,” says Julia. “In 2015, a friend told me about The Salvation Army’s Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre, a place where I could improve my English, meet new friends and explore Canadian culture and tradition. My life is so different now.”

The Family Resource Centre offers a variety of programs that include […]

Salvation Army personnel assist refugees

World Refugee Day


London, June 20, 2016 – To mark World Refugee Day (June 20th), General André Cox, The Salvation Army’s world leader, is encouraging Salvation Army members and friends around the world to add their names to a petition organized through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The #WithRefugees petition will be delivered to the UN’s headquarters in New York City, USA, in September ahead of the UN General Assembly high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants.

The […]

Front view of Ottawa Salvation Army Booth Centre

Helping Syrian Newcomers One Family at a Time


In March, 2016, one long embrace ended a five-year separation among a group of Syrian newcomers seeking help at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Ottawa. They were good friends from the same small community, but the last time they saw each other was in a refugee camp. Each family had assumed the other hadn’t made it out.  

The Salvation Army has provided practical assistance to many of Ottawa’s Government-assisted refugees.

“The Salvation Army wants newcomers to know we care about […]

How The Salvation Army in Canada is Supporting Syrian Refugees at Home and Abroad


Conflict in Syria has led to millions of people being displaced, both within Syria and in neighbouring countries. In Canada, The Salvation Army is working with various levels of government and other community agencies to contribute to the resettlement process, and a fund has been established to support refugees overseas.

“The Salvation Army provides assistance to over 1.85 million people a year, including refugees and newcomers,” says Major Les Marshall, Territorial Public Relations & Development Secretary. “We are well-positioned to support […]

Canadian Salvation Army Supports Refugees in Greece


As The Salvation Army's ministry to refugees in Greece continues, Major Rick Shirran, a Canadian Salvation Army officer on the front lines, reveals the scale of human needs and how The Salvation Army is meeting them.

Canadian citizenship forms

Reuniting Two People Through The Salvation Army’s Refugee and Immigrant Program


Saba was so desperate for safety and a better life that she risked dangerous border crossings and the possibility of being shot on sight or caught up in a trafficking ring. Eventually, she immigrated to Canada—facing a future filled with uncertainty and a new set of challenges.

“I was 17 when I fled an Eritrean military camp,” says Saba. “When I learned that the 18-month mandatory program could turn into eight to 10 years, or longer, I was afraid for my […]