Homeless and Hungry

Posted on 10th July 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Homeless and Hungry
Jim was 70, penniless and living in a storage locker when he turned to The Salvation Army in Belleville, Ont., for help. “I was in a pit,” says Jim. “And there was only myself to blame.” Jim was raised in a middle-class family and was a good kid until his teens. Then he started drinking.  […]

My Life of Addiction

Posted on 20th June 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
My Life of Addiction
“It was a cloudless, chilly, November day when I stood under the south end of the Pattulo Bridge in Vancouver, scouting for a possible place to sleep,” says Michel. “I’d been homeless for about two months, was sick and tired of my situation, and fantasized about what an alcohol-free life would be like. “I started  […]

Classmates Collect 75 Bags of Clothes to Help Homeless

Posted on 16th June 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Classmates Collect 75 Bags of Clothes to Help Homeless
Inspired by a class discussion and project about privilege versus hardship, 12-year-old Santhosh, and his classmates Kostas and Navid, collected more than 70 bags of clothes that were donated to The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Newmarket, Ont., to help people experiencing homelessness. “I did my research,” says Santhosh, “and knew that when we donated  […]

From Drug Abuse to Recovery

Posted on 1st June 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Ricky stands in front of Harbour Light
All he could do was think about his next fix. Then, when Ricky’s family was about to disown him due to his drug addiction, he turned to The Salvation Army for help. “My family was all I had,” says Ricky. “That struck me so hard.” For over 60 years, The Salvation Army’s Harbour Light in  […]

Depression’s Ugly Hold

Posted on 21st April 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
Rob volunteers and washes dishes in the kitchen at The Salvation Army's Booth Centre in St. Catherines, Ont.
Depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide, with more than 300 million people suffering. “Depression put me in a dark place,” says Rob, 58. “I couldn’t see a future or an answer for any of the problems in my life. Depression affected my whole world and everything in it.” The downward spiral  […]

Changing the Stories of Homelessness

Posted on 24th February 2017, by SalvationArmy.ca
150,000 people access emergency shelters in canada anually. Marguerite sits on a couch in the SAs cedar place
The numbers are eye-opening. On any given night in Canada, more than 4,000 women and 2,400 children are living in emergency shelters. “Homelessness is devastating and confusing when you have no choice but to leave an unsafe situation,” says 59-year-old Marguerite. “After a family altercation I ended up couch surfing with friends. Then I moved  […]

Help Shape Canada’s National Housing Strategy

Posted on 22nd September 2016, by SalvationArmy.ca
Salvation Army shelter worker consoles female shelter user
The Salvation Army has 53 emergency shelters operating across Canada, which provide 3,359 shelter beds each night for vulnerable men, women, youth and families who are experiencing homelessness. We’re grateful to partner with the Government of Canada as we explore ways to address homelessness in Canada. The Canadian government wants to hear from you on  […]

A Former Addict Turns Her Life Around

Posted on 12th September 2016, by SalvationArmy.ca
Samantha waters plants on Belkin House rooftop garden
“I thought I was going to die a drug addict,” says Samantha. “For the better part of 25 years I liked how the drugs made me feel. Then, one day, I reached rock bottom.” In January 2014 Samantha committed a crime and went to jail. Beaten down by addiction, emptiness, hopelessness and despair, she desperately  […]

On the Other Side of Homelessness

Posted on 15th August 2016, by SalvationArmy.ca
Support worker, Charlie, helps people at Centre of Hope
Charlie Pittman was on his way to end his life when he took a detour into the doors of The Salvation Army men’s shelter in Halifax. It wasn’t easy to walk through the doors and say he needed help, but he’s grateful he did. “I had been sleeping outside on a park bench for four  […]