The Salvation Army’s Work Extends to 130 Countries

Posted on 4th July 2018, by
Three Salvation Army flag bearers in Burkina Faso
Salvation Army General André Cox has approved the official opening of Salvation Army operations in the west African country of Gabon and the west African country of Burkina Faso. This marks 130 as the total number of countries in which The Salvation Army has a legally and officially recognized ministry. Gabon In 2005, an interest  […]

Canadian Elected as the 21st General of The Salvation Army

Posted on 24th May 2018, by
Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle
Following an election process involving Salvation Army senior leaders from across the world, Commissioner Brian Peddle was chosen to take the office of the General on August 3, 2018, following the retirement of General André Cox, who has held the post since August 2013. General-Elect Peddle will serve as the international leader of The Salvation  […]

Easter Message from Salvation Army World Leader

Posted on 29th March 2018, by
Image of Jesus Christ looking toward heaven
Transformed by the Cross THE message of God’s restorative and redemptive love, as evidenced in the Cross and empty tomb, is still as powerful and relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago. The Cross is central to our faith and gospel message. It is integral to everything we believe and is our motivation in  […]

Easter Message from Salvation Army World Leader

Posted on 12th April 2017, by
Inside a tomb looking out to three crosses on a hill at sunset
Easter is a time for us to reflect upon the incredible, extravagant and measureless grace of God. Through Christ he provided a way for mere mortal human beings to be both reconciled to him and enabled to enjoy the matchless benefits of a personal relationship with him. Sadly, for many Easter weekend may not represent  […]

Hope is Born

Posted on 22nd December 2016, by
baby in a manger
The birth of the Christ Child makes peace and forgiveness possible. by General André Cox For children in many countries around the world, Christmas is a time of great anticipation and excitement. Christmas is rightly emphasized with the joy of children, for the wonderful story of Christmas is about the coming of the Christ Child  […]

Easter Message from Salvation Army World Leader

Posted on 24th March 2016, by
Jesus with crown of thorns with head down over old wall
AROUND the world on Easter morning, many Christians will gather for a sunrise service in which the proclamation will be made: ‘He is risen!’ What a glorious celebration Easter Sunday represents for each one of us! God, in raising Christ, has broken the power of sin and set us free. God, in raising Christ, has  […]

Salvation Army International Leader Speaks on the True Meaning of Christmas

Posted on 24th December 2014, by
The Christmas Message. Photo: James Steidl / Hemera / Thinkstock. Use of photo is granted to The Salvation Army (the Licensee) through a subscription agreement. Downloading of licensed image is restricted other than for personal use, and prohibited from republication, retransmission or reproduction. Go to for full license information.
In the world today we often see people choosing to ignore the true meaning of the Christmas message. For many it is a very busy time of the year, with so many activities to rush between. Countless demands and pressures seem to be placed upon us, with a myriad of preparations to make. Within self-gratifying  […]

Salvation Army World Leader’s Easter Message

Posted on 17th April 2014, by
At Easter, in remembering the death and bodily resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we celebrate a most important event within the Church calendar. This event is significant for, in witnessing to the fact that Jesus did not remain in the tomb but rose from the dead, it points to the promise that  […]

The General Calls for New Fight to End Hunger

Posted on 18th December 2013, by
Food distribution in the Philippines
General André Cox is calling for the worldwide Salvation Army to join him in echoing the call of Pope Francis for an end to world hunger. The General says: ‘It is clear from the response of the media and from Christians of all denominations that the calls to simple living from the Pope have struck  […]